Are E.U. Immigration Controls Racist? See What This Asian British Citizen Says. [VIDEO]

This Asian British citizen doesn’t seem to consider immigration controls racist.

It is interesting to hear this Asian British citizen make remarks about immigration because it raises the issue of Donald Trump and Hispanic voters. Listen to what he says to David Cameron:

According to Breitbart London:

Speaking on the topic of uncontrolled immigration, Asian-background Harry Bhopara slammed the Prime Minister’s broken promises on bringing down net migration.

Mr. Bhopara said he could no longer get appointments with a doctor, nor get on the housing ladder, and harking back to Mr. Cameron’s closing statements from his town hall event last week, he said that Mr. Cameron was rolling the dice on Britain’s future by staying in the EU.

Mr. Bhopara said: “I have no GP, as all of them are full in my area. I can’t get onto the housing ladder and have three kids in one room. My kids’ school is growing in size every year but not in staff. The place where I grew up was a lovely area but is now a no-go zone.

“So how is the EU and uncontrolled immigration working for me, a 41-year-old Brit who has been working full-time since I was 16, and my community?”

I think we can safely assume that Harry Bhopara’s ancestors were neither Saxons or Normans. His family tree was transplanted to the British Isles much more recently. But his life is affected no less than the average Britisher who is more prone to sunburn.

Likewise, Latinos in the United States who are trying to make a living may have more to gain from Donald Trump as president than they will get from Hillary Clinton.

It is easy to defend immigration in the abstract. But when politicians pursue policies that lead to “no-go” zones in their country, then they have betrayed citizens and produced lawlessness at taxpayer expense.

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