Ashley Judd Speaks About Rape and Abortion

Once again we see the Democratic party seeking to replace the authority of Scripture with the authority of stars. Those who are or have been famous are paraded before America and told how they are to feel and act. This happened once again in Philadelphia.

Actress Ashley Judd spoke at a NARAL event. And what she said points to the reason that our country is doomed to fall off the face of the earth.

N.Y. Magazine reports

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“As you know, because I talk about it all the time, I am a survivor of sexual assault, including rape, and about that, I have no shame,” Judd told the crowd at a NARAL “Men for Choice” event yesterday.

She told the story of how one of the times she was raped, she conceived. She chose to terminate the pregnancy, but added, “if abortion had not been safe and legal at that time, I would have been forced to carry to term and deliver a child that was conceived in rape.” It’s a situation, Judd pointed out, that we often think only applies to Syrian refugees or oppressed women in the Ukraine.

Judd related a painful experience. This experience was one of great significance to Judd and one from which we should wish she had been spared. But no matter how Judd felt about the situation this does not excuse the fact that she murdered her child.

N.Y. Magazine continued

“We are a great country, and rapists have paternity rights in 22 states, including the state in which I was raped and the state which my rapist is from,” Judd went on. In many of those states, parental rights can’t be terminated unless the attacker is convicted of sexual assault, which as we’ve seen lately is not always easy to achieve, even in the cases when women report their rapes, which in the majority of cases they do not.

It’s protecting her right to decide what to do with her body, Judd says of why she’s with Hillary Clinton, because she can’t imagine a world in which the law would have required her to make a different choice than she did. “I am very grateful to NARAL and Men for Choice for allowing me the dignity to make that excruciating decision for myself.”

And here is the problem and the reason for our doom as I mentioned earlier. Judd made her decision based on how she felt. How she felt about her being raped. She decided based on what she thought it would be like to carry the child of her attacker in her body. Also how she felt about her rapist.

The one thing that she did not think about was what was right. What was the right, even if it would be hard and painful, thing to do concerning this other human being? A human being that had done nothing to cause this situation and was helpless to defend itself.

We are doomed because, like almost all of our country, Ashley Judd was Wronged. And instead of seeking the right thing to do, she turned and wronged another.

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