As Tempers Flare Over Trump Star, Hollywood Street Artist Makes His Move

The vague and oppressive “resistance” to President Trump has been nothing short of a heavy, damp, musty blanket hanging over the entirety of the American political scene these days.

For every movement we would like to see made, it takes extra effort to navigate this smothering, and the President is affected far more deliberately than the rest of us.  Donald Trump simply can’t take a step within the confines of the White House itself without fear of a leak, an accusation, or an attack on him or his family that could come at any moment.

The radical left is doing one hell of  a bang up job on obstructing the American process, that is for sure.

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A small piece of this “resistance” has also been the retroactive repealing of anything Trump related in our modern culture.  (It’s almost easy to forget that Trump wasn’t always the President).  In the case of the former television actor’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, that has meant several pickaxe attacks and a vote by local councilmen and women to remove the monument altogether.

That just wasn’t acceptable for one street artist.

Wow.  Just…wow.

Hats off to you, sir.

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