As Hurricane Florence Rages, POTUS Makes Profound Statement

As Hurricane Florence continues to batter the Carolinas, an incredible thing is happening.

Amidst the gloom and doom of the mainstream media, who genuinely seemed a little disappointed in the storm’s slide back into Category 1 late last night, there are heroes doing some of the hardest work on the planet and saving numerous lives in the process.  It’s the grim and the grand, all rolled up into an experience that’s uniquely American.  We are the nation that runs into danger to save others.

It should come as no surprise, then, that this boldness and this courage were on full display on the east coast today.

The bravery and the sorrow notwithstanding, these fine Americans have now been praised by the President himself for their efforts.

And, as if to bring a humorous sense of solidarity to the otherwise stressful day, a Florida man traveled to the coast to help the Carolinas “fight” the hurricane.

Godspeed, patriotic warrior.

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