As Antifa Attacks Portland, Police In Trouble for Using “Too Much” Force?

These are strange times that we live in, particularly when it comes to the potency of the political machine at the center of our national culture.

We are seeing violence and division the likes of which no living American has felt in their own nation.  This is big, folks, and an undeniable concern for the immediate future.  Can you imagine if Robert Mueller were to make his “move”, whatever that may be, in this political climate?  We would be at the mercy of Antifa’s violent and fervent followers…just like the city of Portland was this weekend.

You see, in the Pacific Northwest this weekend, Antifa had mobilized themselves in order to disturb a “Patriot Prayer” event taking place in PDX.  Antifa came armed with a variety of weapons, prepared to make a mess of the First Amendment in the process.  Now, the police who attempted to keep the peace are being accused of using “too much force” on these weapon-wielding goons.

Police “targeted Portland residents peacefully counter-protesting against racist far-right groups, including white supremacists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazi gangs,” the Oregon chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Portland chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America claimed in a statement.

The Patriot Prayer, the organizing group which put the rally together, is led by Joey Gibson, who described his heritage as Japanese.

Police ordered the counter-protesters to disperse, then moved in behind a volley of stun grenades. One of the rounds reportedly hit a far-left protester in the head, becoming embedded in his helmet and injuring him. One woman was taken to a hospital after being hit in the arm and chest with a “flash-bang” grenade, local media reported. The blasts echoed through downtown Portland.

Four people were arrested.

Portland’s Police Chief released a statement after the chaos indicating that the department is taking these allegations seriously and will conduct an internal investigation of the matter.

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Meanwhile, stories from the Battle of Portland will continue to fill the mainstream media this week, leading inevitably back to the legacy “news” stations rolling out their fresh term du jour:  “New Civil War”.

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