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As Americans Honor Our Troops, Libs Attack Us to Smear Memorial Day

As most of America takes time out to honor our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day, liberals continue lashing out at everything American, even the holiday itself.

One of the more prominent liberals to disparage the holiday was virulent, anti-Trump radio host and Daily Beast writer Dean Obeidallah who on Sunday mocked the bravery of our soldiers by claiming that left-wingers who “resist” Trump are somehow “just like” our brave soldiers, Daily Caller reported.

“This Memorial Day weekend lets honor the women and men who bravely sacrificed their lives fighting to protect our nation’s freedoms by RESISTING Trump’s attacks on our democracy. #TheResistance is the highest form of Patriotism!” he Tweeted on May 27.

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Indeed, as criticism mounted, Obeidallah struck back. He even called a U.S. Army soldier a “Nazi” by saying he was wearing a “Nazi uniform” in his Twitter photo. Of course, the uniform in the photo the Twitter user posted was a U.S. Army tunic, not any “Nazi uniform.”

The user responded:

This is typical of the left, of course. They can’t tell the difference between evil and Americans.  To liberals America IS evil.

If you will excuse the foul language about to strike your eyes, a host of other Democrat Party members took to Twitter with the lovely message of “F” Memorial Day…

Of course there are a million more just like it. Fine liberals telling their fellow Americans to take their memorials for our fallen soldiers and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.

But not every liberal who hates Memorial Day is a spineless troll like Obeidallah and the gutless Twitter users above who never served our country. One anti-American was himself a soldier.

Zach Henson a lunatic liberal from Brooklyn, New York, is a U.S. Army veteran and he took to the pages of a left-wing website called to tell us all that he doesn’t want anyone to tell him “thank you for your service.”

Henson insisted that for years he has simply given a nod and kept his mouth shut when people thanked him for his service to the country.

Like a good liberal, his very second paragraph introduced politically correct labels to separate us all into liberal grievance groups:

This wasn’t always easy. As a white, heterosexual, married man from Texas, I perfectly fit the American Soldier mold. Before people even know me, they comfortably launch into how cool it is that I get to shoot big guns at bad people, how badass we soldiers are, and how difficult it must be for us to see the terrible things done to good people by bad people (the distinction between these groups is never dwelt upon).

So, with his liberal disease infecting him, Henson imagined that people assessed him as a “white, heterosexual, married man from Texas” and so they must thank him for his service. Apparently it couldn’t be that he just served in the Army and people wanted to thank him for temporarily sacrificing his freedom of movement and enlisting to possibly die for his fellow citizens. No, because he’s a liberal, people thanking him for his service couldn’t possibly be sincere. They were just engaging him because he was a safe “white, heterosexual, married man from Texas.”

So, why does Henson hate Memorial Day? Because he doubts some of the missions our troops have been sent on.

You see, to a liberal, you can’t separate the occasional misguided mission from the individual troops and their sacrifice. To a liberal all solders as fools, dupes, halfwits, and dolts and their sacrifice is stupid, venal, and low.

Henson went on to attack “modern warfare”:

If you say out loud what modern warfare is and what modern American soldiers do, it tends to silence a room. No one wants to hear that, essentially, we’re sending young people to faraway countries to kill other people that might, potentially, maybe, pose a threat to us.

Again, like all liberals, Mr. Henson does not have any knowledge of history. There has never been a nice war. Men at arms have seen atrocious scenes at war since the first day men took sides against each other. Was is not patty-cake and never has been.

Hanson goes on to demean all American soldiers:

America trains it’s soldiers to be hyper-masculine animals ready to kill, then elevates them to the status of living angels. The Department of Defense has developed video games and worked directly with the video game industry, leading many to think joining the military will make them a supercommando with the opportunity to save the planet and find a woman with whom to settle down. I’ve heard young recruits talk about their jobs in those terms.

But this attitude engenders misogyny, transphobia, racism, and vigilantism. Toxic masculinity and white nationalism are thriving in the armed forces because of military culture, not despite it.

This is, of course, utter bull crap. America trains its soldiers to be intelligent, thoughtful, and upstanding members of our community. It does not train them to turn into “animals.”

Again, like all liberals, Henson proves to be an arrogant little cuss. You see, he joined the military despite his “liberal apprehensions” because he thought he was smarter than everyone around him and could help his fellows learn to cherish his hate-filled liberal ideals.

I reconciled my liberal apprehensions by convincing myself that I could be a voice of reason amongst people who might not know any better. But I was ignorant, and the belief that the U.S. military can evoke positive material change in the world was difficult to hold on to when my boots were on the ground. The idea of service that is presented to us is noble, but the reality is not.

This cretin next  proceded to exclaim that all America’s wars and military actions are “engineered” only to “keep hope in the American dream alive.”

Henson went on to praise “progressive veterans” who are “using the advantages” of the close bond veterans develop as a tool to sort of deprogram them and to turn them against the U.S.A.

So, who is abusing veterans now and using them to push an agenda? Henson went on to praise several left-wingers who are abusing their service to foster anti-American policies.

Hanson ended attacking the U.S. and its entire history:

This weekend, know that many Americans have died fighting for a free and noble society that does not yet exist. But if we do the work, it could.

That’s right, America, your country has never been noble.

What an ignoramus.

Still, Hanson is totally correct about one thing. Just being a veteran does not make you a good person. Benedict Arnold wasn’t a good fellow. Neither was Lee Harvey Oswald. Neither was Nidal Malik Hasan or Timothy McVeigh. And neither is Zach Henson. All were members of the U.S. military. All are traitors.

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