Arnold Schwarzenegger says it’s Time to “Come Together, Stop Whining” and Support Donald Trump

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was never a supporter of Donald Trump’s campaign for the Presidency. The moderate Republican, and former Governor of California, could not bring himself to support Trump because of Trump’s behavior and comments during the campaign. (Schwarzenneger and Trump actually have many similar ideas about government and policy.) Instead, Schwarzenneger chose to endorse Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH) for President and even went so far as to say he could not vote for Trump in the election.

However, the actor-turned-politician-turned TV star, has turned the page on the campaign season and is now singing a very different tune about the President-elect. Schwarzenneger is now calling on all Americans to stop the complaining and the undermining of the Trump team and begin offering the next President their full support.

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“What changed is that now he is elected and now it is very important that we support the president and that we come together and we stop whining, and it becomes one nation.

When someone is elected, then you get 100 percent behind them and you help them shape the future. It’s very hard for people to do that, but that’s the effort we all have to make.”

When asked if he had any advice to give Mr. Trump, Schwarzenneger encouraged the President elect to “keep working with the other party. If you take people from both parties then you get 100 percent of the brainpower. And there’s so much brainpower in the United States. This is by far the smartest country in the world, and the best country in the world. Now the trick of it is to go and make it even better.”

You can watch Schwarzenneger’s interview on NBC’s TODAY below:

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