Why Arming another Muslim Rebel Group in the Middle East is a Bad Idea

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Almost every American can agree that what is taking place in Syria today is horrific. That is usually where the agreement comes to an end. However, I believe that there may be one other place where Americans may be able to come to a consensus and that is on the wisdom of arming yet another Muslim rebel group in the Middle East. We have tried this same story several times over the last few decades and to date… it has come back to bite us, every single time.

Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is here to remind us about our sordid history with arming Muslim rebels and why it’s a bad idea to try this again.

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The Turks are not at all happy about President Trump’s plan to provide heavy weapons to the Kurds fighting as US proxies against ISIS in Syria. The Turks bombed some 20 Kurdish fighters in Syria just weeks ago but with US advanced weapons in Kurdish hands, future such missions may be risky. Would the Kurds use American weapons to attack the Turks? And why does President Trump believe that digging up President Obama’s already-failed strategy for eastern Syria will work this time?

We take a look in today’s Liberty Report:


Reposted with Permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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