Armed German Police Raid Mosque, After Anzbach Shooting ISIS Warns “We Will Blow Up Your Homes”

Armed German police raided a mosque and homes of people believed to be radicalizing jihadists, instructing them to commit terrorist attacks. The raid comes after 10 days of terrorist attacks in Germany.

The Daily Mail reported that the targeted group included eight board members of  a “radical German-speaking Islamic group” located in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony. According to German media, the group gave sermons, taught seminars and offered lectures on “the hatred of infidels.”

The raid involved approximately 400 volunteer staff– in addition to a special police task force. Lower Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius said:

“The group in Hildesheim is a nationwide hot spot of radical Muslims that we have been watching for a long time. After months of preparation, we have taken an important step to end the association.”

This is the pledge tweeted about Muhammad Daleel, the terrorist of Anzbach, Germany, who shot innocent teenagers eating at a McDonalds:

“I renew my pledge of allegiance to Prince of the Faithful, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Husseini al-Qurashi, may Allah protect him.”


ISIS released a video of Daleel’s pledge and last words (which YouTube removed for “violating its Terms of Service”):

In the video Daleel said:

“I declare my operation at Anzbach in Bavaria.

“We swear you will see things you never dreamt of where you will not rest while you sleep at home. I swear we will blow up your homes. Next time there will not be just suicide bombs, but booby traps.”


Bethany Blankley

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