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Armed and Dangerous Suspect on The Loose, Robbed Gun Store, Sent Manifesto to Trump


Schools near Janesville, Wisconsin were on lockdown today after police determined that a gun store robbery suspect was loose in the area.

The man, Joseph Jakubowski, had not only robbed a firearms store but had also appeared upset regarding national politics.  Friends and authorities say that Jakubowski had written a 161-page manifesto that was delivered both to the White House and to a friend who promptly turned it over to police.

Now, the manhunt is underway for the suspect who is believed to be armed and dangerous.

“More than 150 law enforcement officers were searching for 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski, said Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden.

“Investigators believe Jakubowski stole a large quantity of handguns and rifles from a gun shop Tuesday night in Janesville, about 70 miles southwest of Milwaukee. Authorities said he also has acquired a bulletproof vest and helmet, and a burned vehicle registered to him was found near the store.

“Spoden said an associate of Jakubowski told authorities he had been ‘agitated’ by national politics and ‘recently verbalized a plan to steal guns and use them in an unspecified attack.’ The associate also said Jakubowski had made non-specific threats toward schools and public officials, according to the sheriff.”

Jakubowski’s manifesto was described as a ranting take on national politics, the upper class, and scores of perceived injustices committed by the federal government.

Jakubowski was not unknown to authorities in Wisconsin.  His laundry list of criminality includes a number of mundane traffic offenses, but also a prelude to his anti-establishment leanings with a incident in which he was charged with resisting arrest and attempting to disarm a police officer.

This is by no means the first incident of American radicalization that we’ve seen focused toward President Trump in the weeks since taking office.  The White House Secret Service has been unusually busy with intruders, fence jumpers, and death threats as the controversial President has transitioned into power.


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