Watch How This Armed Customer Responded to Robber Wielding an AK-47 in Waffle House

Here’s another one of those stories that won’t get told in the mainstream media, because the details aren’t consistent with the gun control narrative.

The mainstream media report on incidents where defenseless people are shot and killed, and the reporters focus on the type of guns used in the crimes, in hopes of eliciting fear of guns from their viewership.

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They wouldn’t want to report on the numerous occasions where armed, law-abiding citizens took action to defend themselves and those around them. They wouldn’t want their viewers to get the “wrong” idea about guns.

Here’s one of those cases:

Around 2:30 in the morning, a man armed with an AK-47 entered a Waffle House in DeSoto, Texas – a Dallas suburb – and robbed several customers.

One customer followed the man out into the parking lot, fearing for his wife’s life, since she was coming to meet him there at the restaurant.

The customer called to the armed robber – identified as Antione Cooper – at which point the robber turned around and pointed the rifle at him. The customer pulled out his own handgun, for which he is licensed, and shot Cooper several times.

Now, the armed robber is on life support at the hospital, and the licensed, armed customer was not arrested. Police were able to identify Cooper by circulating pictures of his tattoos.

Like many more of these types of incidents – where armed, law-abiding citizens were able to defend themselves against criminals – they will remain “local stories.”

The only way for a story like this to go national is if at least one of the victims died, and that victim was black, and the suspect was not black. Black-on-white crime isn’t news, and neither is black-on-black crime.

It’s unfortunate that that’s the way the media operate these days, but they are a business, trying to get as many people to watch as possible. Perhaps they’re afraid they’ll lose viewers if they show how important gun ownership is.

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