Armed Burglar Breaks Into House With “We Don’t Dial 911” Sign… Guess What Happens Next?

An armed burglar broke into the wrong house and ended up getting shot multiple times by the homeowner.

Prominently displayed above the front door of an Indianapolis, Indiana woman’s house was a sign that read “We Don’t Dial 911” with a gun swinging underneath it. The warning message was clear, but perhaps the armed burglar didn’t notice it when he decided to break into her house around midnight.

We Don't Dial 911

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When the armed burglar broke in, he reportedly went through the baby’s bedroom window. The mother heard the commotion, and she called her husband notifying him that someone was breaking in.

The woman’s brother Eddie Ballard recounted to Fox 59 what happened:

“He broke in through the baby’s window…and when he was coming out the door, my sister was coming out her bedroom door, he aimed and shot at her first and then she shot him.”

There was an exchange of gunfire at that point, and the armed burglar was hit multiple times. When police arrived on the scene, the suspect was transported to the hospital. When he recovers, he’ll face charges.

According to police, zip-ties and a walkie-talkie were found on the suspect.

The baby was not harmed during the break-in or the gunfire.

Fox 59 reported on the rarity of these break-ins in this part of town:

“This shooting is very unusual in this area of our district,” said IMPD Southwest District Commander Mike Spears.

Spears said incidents like this, in this section of the city are very rare. This portion of his district he said is quiet and is mostly residential.

“When we have an incident like this as we do throughout the city, involving the use of a firearm, it’s something we take very personally and we want to get in front of and investigate aggressively,” said Spears.

If the armed burglar had seen the signage on the front porch, he wouldn’t have risked it.

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