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Arizona Senate Candidate Calls for End of Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities!

Kelli Ward Endorses Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Plan to End Sanctuary City Aid, says Taxpayers forced to fund left-wing local governments “outrageous!”

Tempe, AZ – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward endorsed Trump Administration proposals to stop funding for sanctuary cities that do not follow U.S. immigration law.  “It’s outrageous that taxpayers are forced to subsidize left-wing local governments who ignore our immigration laws and provide sanctuary to some of the most violent and dangerous criminals anywhere,” Ward said.

“Unfortunately, Senator Jeff Flake has joined with liberals and Democrats repeatedly to support illegal alien amnesty,” Ward said.  “Perhaps he should run in the Democratic Primary where his liberal views are much more popular.

“Arizona needs a Senator who will stand up and fight against illegal immigration and will work to deport the violent criminals being given sanctuary by do-gooder liberal politicians more concerned about the so-called ‘rights’ of illegal aliens than the rights of American citizens,” Ward added.

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Ward last year held Senator John McCain to just 51 percent of the vote and has announced her candidacy against Flake, considered one of the most vulnerable GOP incumbents in the nation.

Here’s more from Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on how he would push amnesty through Congress.

In a lengthy Senate floor speech on Wednesday, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)—a member of the “Gang of Eight” amnesty group from last Congress that failed to get its bill through both chambers—said that Republicans shouldn’t “poke the president in the eye” by fighting to stop his executive amnesty.

“I want to say from the outset that I don’t think the president did the right thing by taking this unilateral action,” Flake said on the Senate floor about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill that blocks Obama’s executive amnesty actions.

I think he’s made it more difficult to pass immigration reform in this body. Having said that, to attempt to use a spending bill in order to try to poke a finger in the president’s eye is not a good move in my view. I believe that rather than poke the president in the eye, we ought to put legislation on his desk. And we ought to use this time, we’ve already used up two weeks trying to attach the measure to a funding bill when we could have used this time to actually move actual immigration legislation.

The “immigration legislation” Flake specifically mentioned he wants to push is the border bill from McCaul.

“There has been a bill introduced in the House and in the Senate,” Flake said about it. “I happen to be a cosponsor of the bill in the Senate which would help us get a more secure border. That’s one piece of legislation we could be moving right now and put on the president’s desk…

We also need, obviously, to move legislation to deal with those who are here illegally, the so-called DREAMers. Those who are here from no fault of their own who have come to this country, been brought when they were 2 years old or 10 years old and are now as American as you or me. They ought to be given a path where they can stay here in some kind of certainty moving ahead. That needs to be done by Congress. We can’t simply be done by the president and executive action. That legislation could move here now as well. We obviously need to deal with legislation for the broader class of those who are here illegally. We dealt with it in the Senate Bill 744 that was introduced and passed in the Senate in the last Congress that provided a way for those who are here illegally to get right with the law, to deport those who are in a criminal class but also allow those who are here who want to adjust their status to find a way to do so and be able to stay here. Legislation like that could move as well…”

Flake is an amnesty shill and Dr. Kelli Ward is putting American citizens first; she deserves your vote in 2018.

Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward has lived in Arizona since 1999. She is a military wife, the mom of three awesome children (now young adults), a family physician, a business owner, a former AZ State Senator, and she ran for the US Senate in 2016 against John McCain. She brings real life experience to politics. Kelli grew up in West Virginia and went on to Duke University where she got her Bachelor of Science degree. She loved being a Blue Devil especially since they won their first national basketball championship while she was there! She left NC after college and returned to WV for medical school. She and her husband, Colonel Michael P. Ward, D.O., met during medical school and have had a storybook romance that continues today. After their residency training in Michigan, the family moved to Arizona and they haven't looked back.

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