Arizona Passes Bill to Stop Federal Gun Restrictions

For many, the issue of Gun control and the Second Amendment has become more and more heated. With Obama’s executive orders and threats of restrictions on sales, many fear that the federal government will soon be demanding the American public hand over their weapons.

This feeling of infringement of the Constitution has led to a felt need. Some believe that there needs to be action taken to protect citizens from the Federal government. And as our covenantal roots have taught us, we turn to the closest authority for that protection; i.e., the states.

So a group of state senators in Arizona have set out to protect their constitutes.

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Sons of Liberty Media reports

Rep. Anthony Kern (R-Glendale), Rep. Darin Mitc…hell (R-Dist. 13) and Rep. Steve Montenegro (R-Avondale) filed House Bill 2300 (HB2300) in January with three other cosponsors. (Vote Kern for Arizona LD 20) The legislation would prohibit any state or local agency and their employees from knowingly and willingly participating in any way in the enforcement of any future federal act, law, order, rule or regulation issued regarding a personal firearm, a firearm accessory or ammunition “that infringes the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution or that impairs that right in violation of Article 2, Section 26 of the Arizona Constitution”

What this bill does is gives the state of Arizona a protection from Federal infringement of its citizens’ Constitutional right to bear arms. This places all law enforcement in the state in a stable position to refuse, legally, to take part in breaking the Constitution.

Democrats in Arizona are not in support of this law.

KTAR News report

Rep. Randy Friese, D-Tucson, unsuccessfully argued that courts are the proper body to determine if federal laws are legal and a blanket ban on enforcing new federal rules or laws negates that power.
“The legislature undertakes its actions, and then it’s the judiciary that decides if it’s constitutional or not,” Friese said.

And this points up for us the difference between Constitutional and Statist thinking. Sen. Friese would have the citizens hand over their rights and a judge determine if they can have them back. This is Statist in that the state (Federal Government) is the determiner and distributor of our rights.

While, the Constitutionalist remembers that the Constitution has already declared this to be a right. Our rights come from our Creator, and the Constitution is merely listing and demanding these rights.

Friese wants all power rested with the government and the states just to bow in subjection.

Pray that Arizona will stand for the rights of Arizonians to exercise these liberties as both God and our Founders have set forth.

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