Arizona Church Launches National Campaign to “End Abortion Now” – Here’s How You Can Help

Apologia Church of Tempe, Arizona has been on the front lines in the fight against abortion over the last few years.

Apologia Church is not only a leader in among Christians in the Phoenix area but across the country. Through their Apologia Radio and Apologia Studios ministries they’ve connected believers around the world. They offer a variety of important programming; from dealing with addiction to apologetics, Apologia is using cutting edge technology and social media to impact the nation in a positive way.

Apologia is now taking their local pro-life movement national and educating pastors and churches about how to help end abortion in their local communities. The Christian church in America has been fighting against abortion for over 50 years, but Apologia’s strategy adds a new twist to the fight and offers a comprehensive battle plan that could lead the abolition movement into the future. They are calling the movement the “End Abortion Now” campaign and have in just the first week since launching have already raised over $100,000!

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Now Apologia is asking for help from pro-life advocates around the planet.

You can partner with Apologia Church and become a member of our grassroots team to #endabortionnow in our nation. First, you can help by donating to this work to help us reach this financial goal. Second, you can share this video and raise awareness for this work. Third, you can begin the process of organizing with your local church (and leadership) to do the work that we are doing at your local abortion-mill. We are going to be providing free resources (training videos, materials, etc.) at a special website that has already been designed and is waiting for launch. Fourth, when we release all of our content you can connect with us and join in this work.

How do you help?

1. Go to your local abortion-mills with your local church using the training and resources we will provide.

2. Invite other churches in your area to go. Share stories. Notify them of our joint efforts.

3. When we share content to respond to or expose the pro-abortion agenda. . . share it! Help us to change the conversation.

4. Come to our gathering in 2017.

5. Join in our work as we engage local legislatures with the message of the Gospel, the call to repentance, and the demand for immediate justice for these children. Stay tuned for information and plans.

Go to and give toward this work. Let others in your network and at your church know about what is happening. Finally, and most importantly, pray for repentance in our nation and pray for God to bless our joint effort to end the slaughter of children in our nation.

If you can help in this effort Apologia is offering a transparent view of where your financial support will go. The money will focused towards three strategic “battle plans”:


We’re going to build a national movement made up of local churches across the country. We’re going to teach Christians how to do ministry outside of abortion clinics. We are going to be holding a national conference in order to teach and equip pastors and church leaders to start their own abortion ministries locally as well as how to mobilize and partner with other churches nearby Oh and by the way, we’re buying a bunch of pastor’s plane tickets so they can join us, too.


We’re creating a revolutionary media infrastructure, that will produce content from a Christian worldview. This new media platform will inform and connect people around the world, broadcast live news programming, provide sharp and cutting commentary from a Christian worldview, and will finally allow a consistent and uncompromising Biblical worldview to bring the truth about abortion into the mainstream conversation. We want to flood the internet with content that engages with the Gospel in such a way that it changes the conversation.


With Gospel centered media educating the nation, and the local churches equipped and ready to fight with a consistent Christian position, we’ll move towards applying pressure on local, state and federal governments to finally, once and for all, End abortion now.

 They have already raised over $100,000 and an anonymous donor has promised to match up to $125,000. If you can give, please do. Every dollar helps, and unlike many other charities, using your money here will literally SAVE LIVES.

Onan Coca

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