Are You Paying the Electric Bill For Billionaires at Amazon?

While the economy is certainly and undoubtedly booming on account of CEO-in-Chief Donald Trump, there is some trepidation among Americans still on the subject of taxation.

You see, this nation was itself founded on the ideas of equality and fairness, especially in regard to how we find ourselves treated by the federal government.  We exist simply because we were fed up and frustrated with the concept of taxation without representation, and we stood up to those who would continue such tyranny.  Then, magic happened when a bunch of libertarian farmers took out the most advanced military on the planet in the British Army, (and Navy, and a slew of foreign assistance).

Two hundred and forty-some years later, there are still concerns about exactly where our tax money is going, but those concerns aren’t entirely entrapped within the bloat of the federal government.  Today, we have corporate America to worry about.

Take Amazon, for example; an online bookstore that has turned into the largest retailer the planet may ever have known.  Their immense wealth and power has Americans naturally a bit spooked, and the latest evidence being unearthed about the online behemoth does little to reassure the nervous populace.

Amazon, which has taken heat for harnessing taxpayer funds to further its own gains, is attempting to pass on the cost of powering its massive data centers to consumers in the form of higher electric bill fees.

According to Bloomberg, Virginia’s largest utility Dominion Energy, recently negotiated with state legislators to pass on the cost of running a power line underground to connect to one of the tech firm’s subsidiaries—to the tune of $172 million—to consumers in the form of an as-yet-unannounced monthly fee.

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Rosie Thomas, 87, who already struggles to pay her monthly $170 electric bill, said “Lord, have mercy” when she learned of the new fee.

Have mercy, indeed Rosie.

The only way to fight such corporate tyranny is through the exposure of such horrific behavior.  Sunlight is truly the best disinfectant in the case of Amazon, so it is important that we spread stories such as this far and wide.

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