Appeals Court Tables Obamacare Lawsuit

Many on the Right of the political spectrum have been hoping that Trump would stop Obamacare. The truth that this is one of the worst governmental overreaches and the biggest economic debacles has become glaringly clear over the last year.  As we see premiums rise and coverage drop, people have begun to ask when this nightmare will end.

Now, the Trump win has affected even the way cases will be handled at the federal level.

The Washington Times reports

A federal appeals court halted a key Obamacare case on Monday, agreeing to put off proceedings until after President-elect Trump takes office and figures out how he wants to proceed — and dealing a blow to President Obama in the meantime.

In a short order the judges put the case in abeyance, and told both sides to give an update by Feb. 21, or a month after Mr. Trump is sworn in.

It’s one of a series of cases that are being delayed to give the new administration a chance to put its stamp on legal strategy. Obama administration lawyers had agreed to the delays in immigration cases, but had fought against a halt in the Obamacare lawsuit.

This is a wise decision by the judges, as this might become a moot point once Trump is sworn into office. If Trump guts the system, or if he works with Republican lawmakers to repeal the law, then there would be no further need for the lawsuit.

The question is, what exactly will Trump do about this sinking ship that is Obamacare?

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