Why would anyone Vote for Hillary?

WHY would anyone vote for Hillary? (An analysis of the truly “deplorable”)

Intelligence and a good heart would both be repulsed by Clinton’s (both of them) lying, greedy character; a history as a failure in government; her criminality (e.g. the obstruction of justice in destroying subpoenaed evidence); her deceptive approach in avoiding press conferences; and a lack of good plans (e.g. her communications are mainly just calling Donald Trump names).

Whereas Donald Trump has great and detailed plans; a genuine concern for all people; a great family; and a ‘roll up your sleeves’ work ethic to get things done.

So then WHY would anyone choose to vote for Hillary and not the good qualities of Donald Trump? Some have cited his temperament. But he has the temperament of just what this country needs … a warrior. And he has the proven skills of a successful businessman. And what this heavily-in-debt country needs are business solutions … seeing this country as a failing business.

And, unlike Hillary, he also has a clean history. Julian Assange has investigated him and said he found no dirt. And is he a racist? Well is it racist to want to protect Americans from what has been coming across our southern border? And is it racist to question the objectivity of a judge in Trump’s trial who has membership in a radical group sympathetic to Mexicans, given what Trump has said about illegal aliens? And is it Islamaphobic to want to protect Americans from what radicals from certain immigrant countries who have been carrying out killings around the world and even here at home?

These people who are tagging Trump as a racist … are they listening to his speeches on how we wants to help inner city communities? Do they realize how many black leaders are endorsing Trump?

So, have people then just been brainwashed to think Trump is bad and Hillary is good? I don’t think intelligent, good people would allow that to happen. I think that there has to be ulterior motives. And I think that those motives would have to be emotional … mainly greed, laziness, and blind rebellion against any authority. Therefore, are Hillary supporters just stupid? Evil yes, crazy yes. And they are allowing evil and craziness to override their intelligence and goodness.

Why? They suffer from an addiction disease that I say has reached the level of a plague in my book The Plague Of Liberalism. And of course many, like sheep, just follow the plagued leaders and are too intimidated to stand up to the Hillary followers.

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