Antifa’s Antics Drew FBI, DHS Warnings in 2016, Feds Did Nothing

The newly radicalized left may not be such a fresh phenomenon after all, according to newly unearthed reports from within the federal government.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the world has become acquainted with the radical left’s “Antifa” movement; a black-clad extremist group that has formed within the liberal confines of America. These radicalized anarchists have attempted, sometimes successfully, in toppling or removing statues of American veterans, censoring free speech on college campuses, and otherwise terrorizing innocent fellow Americans at every turn.

While the presence of Antifa may be new to many this year, it turns out that we were warned about these hooligans all the way back in 2016, yet the federal government did nothing.

“Well before the deadly Aug. 12 rally in Charlottesville and the ongoing violent clashes with white supremacists and other groups, federal authorities warned local officials the actions of left-wing extremists were becoming increasingly confrontational and dangerous.

“Federal agencies warned of the growing likelihood of lethal violence between left-wing anarchists and right-wing white supremacists.

“Some even classified their activities as ‘domestic terrorist violence.’

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“In previously unreported documents dating back to April 2016 and viewed by Fox News, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security wrote that ‘anarchist extremists’ and Antifa groups were the primary instigators of violence at public rallies. They blamed these groups for attacks on police, government and political institutions, racists, fascists and ‘symbols of capitalism.’

“The agencies warned the rise of fascist, nationalist, racist or anti-immigrant groups in U.S. political discourse could lead to violent backlash from these ‘anarchist extremists.’

“The FBI and DHS had no comment on the assessments, saying they were not intended to be made public.”

Antifa has been at the epicenter of recent violence in America, often acting as the militant and extremist arm of the decaying democratic party.

In Charlotteseville, Berkeley, and beyond, these left-leaning cretins have employed a wide range of vile tactics in order to push their liberal and globalist agenda, quite often denouncing outright the idea of Freedom of Speech.  Their uncouth and unacceptable goal of reworking the First Amendment to include protection for emotional fortitude must be stopped at all costs, lest we yearn to lose our entire American identity.

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