Antifa Weapons Cache Growing More Sophisticated By the Minute

The left has made an enormous show out of just how “peaceful” their protesters have been, attempting to distance themselves from the violence that the nation is facing.

This tactic of passive disapproval is far from effective, however, as the radical left continues to allow its attack dogs, Antifa, to run amok on our city streets with little to no scolding or disavowing being aired publicly.  Even the mainstream media has gotten in on the act, not allowing themselves to equate Antifa with the left or the democrats in the the very few times that they even mention the name of the liberal terror group.

Furthermore, there have been a number of falsehoods being actively propagated by CNN and their kin regarding Antifa, labeling them a “fringe” group and attempting to paint them as a small contingent of rogue barracudas in a sea of leftist guppies.

Well, Portland Police have had enough of that nonsense, having dealt with this scourge of skirmishing liberals for long enough.  They took to Twitter earlier in June to display just a fraction of the brutal weapons seized by police after confronting the alt-left terror group.

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While the Portland police’s cache of Antifa weapons is frightening enough, it seems as though the leftist terror organization has become far more sophisticated in the weeks following this June roundup.

Reports of homemade gas bombs were reported last night in Phoenix as President Trump took to the stage for a rousing campaign-style rally.

“A group of anti-Trump demonstrators used gas canisters, rocks and bottles to assault police Tuesday night and create havoc at what officials said was mostly a peaceful protest in Phoenix.

“Video captured by a local reporter also shows a smoking object being thrown at police while hundreds of officers attempted to keep order at a rally after President Trump’s speech at the Phoenix Convention Center had ended.

“‘A very small number of individuals chose criminal conduct,’ Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams told reporters late Tuesday.

“The individuals broke down fencing and ‘at one point dispersed gas into and at the police officers,’ Williams said. ‘They had their own gas they threw at police, not our gas.'”

This development is a frightening one, as Antfia looks to be merely steps away from employing chemical weapons to thwart police.

Reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s after the publication of the controversial “Anarchist Cookbook”, Antifa is quickly emerging as a guerrilla army hellbent on subverting the rule of law and order in our great nation.  Their complete lack of respect for the Constitution, the police, and the President should be a concern to each and every American man, woman, and child, as the group has displayed an unwavering nonchalance as it pertains to raining violence and hatred down onto even the smallest of gatherings.

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