ANTIFA Thug Who Attacked Trump Supporters with Bike Lock Identified…You Won’t Believe Who….

The presidency of Donald Trump has brought out the absolute worst in the lunatic fringes of the leftist New Fascism movement.

Dubbing themselves “ANTIFA”, ironically standing for “Anti Fascist”, these liberal miscreants have been wreaking havoc in a number of locales in an attempt to equate Donald Trump’s image with chaos, anarchy, and violence.

These thugs are relying on an outdated definition of fascism that requires those accused to be of the “right-wing”, and for their motives to be based purely on nationalism or race.

In reality, fascism has evolved.  Now, the New Fascist movement is pushing for political ideologies to all be homogenous within one nation, in this case, leftist globalism in America.  These New Fascists have been busy in recent months starting riots, destroying private and public property, and smearing the name of the President of the United States.

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The psychological nature of these leftist separatists’ plans are downright diabolical.  They are exploiting their stranglehold on the media to make violence and rioting synonymous with Donald Trump and conservatives, but constantly and aggressively confronting and attacking supporters of Donald Trump.  Their tactics turn more violent and vitriolic as each news camera arrives.  It is all a show for the callous New Fascists, who don dark clothing and often masks in their battles against the sea of red Make America Great Again hats of the Trump supporters.

In a particularly chilling piece of media released this week, a New Fascist “ANTIFA” agitator was seen attacking Americans with a bike lock, inflicting serious damage as he rampaged.  Now, with the help of notoriously effective internet message board 4Chan, that particular liberal separatist may have been identified, and you will not believe who it is.


This comes as little surprise to those who have been paying attention to the intense liberalization of our nation’s colleges.  The example set by the University of California at Berkeley has now spread across the nation, as liberals and their globalist cronies continue to censor free speech on campus, while indoctrinating these malleable millennial minds into accepting that violence will solve their political problems.  Punishment for the Milo Yiannopolous riots at UC Berkeley was virtually nonexistent, and now, days away from a proposed Ann Coulter appearance, the university has pulled the plug on the conservative speaker for fear of yet another incident.

With men like Eric Clanton shaping the minds of our nation’s youth from a professor’s position of power, it is no wonder that the New Fascism movement is gaining ground in the violent world of leftist politics.

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