Antifa Terror Cell Springs Up in Philly, “Enemies in Blue” Workshops Ensue

As the radical left continues its metamorphosis into anarchy, yet another group of Antifa terrorists are planning for an armed revolution in Philadelphia.

The entire alt-left movement began not long ago, during the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election in which democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was overwhelmingly rejected by American voters as being far too corrupt to hold the highest office in the land.  This did not sit well with her shellshocked supporters who immediately began promoting their “resistance” to incoming President Donald Trump.

This “resistance” was somewhat civil at first, simply looking to further the democrats’ reputation as skilled obstructionists, and relying on the mainstream media to galvanize the voter base that was so thoroughly disenchanted with the American electoral process in the days and weeks after Hillary’s pathetic November showing.  By the time that Donald Trump had taken the oath of office, however, there was a growing fear that the “resistance” was turning violent.

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Now, months later, that prophecy has come true, with Antifa terrorists taking to the streets of America, toppling statues and inciting riots in an undeniable mimicry of ISIS and other caliphate organizations.  While these American anarchists are not religiously motivated, they are attempting to divide the nation down political lines – something akin to the neo-fascism that they claim to be fighting against.

Reports out of Philadelphia this week relay a terrifying tale of Antifa’s next evolution:  Armed revolutionaries with a hatred for the men and women of America’s police force and a penchant for seizing the personal property of others.

“The group currently hosts anti-police workshops called ‘Our Enemies in Blue.’ The group draws inspiration from convicted murderers and calls for violence against the police, theft of goods, and armed insurrection.

“Antifa websites like It’s Going Down, Sub.Media and Insurrection News have been promoting the group, which calls itself the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, calling on their readers to donate to a Fundrazr account for the creation of the new cell.

“The press release the group published in far-left media is filled with hyperbolic claims about how ‘mosques are being ruthlessly bombed’ and how ‘LGBTQ are being battered.’

“Like other Antifa groups, RAM claims to oppose the usual -isms and white supremacy, but a quick look at the organization’s ‘Political Foundation’ page, as highlighted by Far Left Watch, notes the inclusion of several alarming points, including the ‘Abolition of Gender,’ and the ‘Expropriation and the Cooperative Economy.’

“The latter calls on members to ‘expropriate’ or ‘take away’ goods, lands, and tools to ‘begin the revolutionary process.’ Expropriation is another way of saying ‘seize’ or ‘steal.’”

This latest escalation in the way that Antifa plans to operate has been exacerbated by the mainstream media who refuse to condemn the violent anarchists.

While the organization’s rhetoric was once considered to be a minor nuisance to Americans looking to further our nation’s progress, their descent into political violence has been widely viewed as a declaration of war on conservatism.  Their gatherings are becoming lightning rods for controversy and violence, their open willingness to arm themselves and attack supporters of our President has put them in league with other enemies of the American state, such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.



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