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Antifa Targets Gov’t Employees for Violence with Personal Info Leak

When our nation has devolved into the democratic derangement that is has, it become imperative that we recognize and root out the threats to our democracy as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

This is oftentimes difficult, thanks to the underground nature of radicalized domestic terrorists residing within the deep accesses and chasms of America’s current political divide.  Groups like Antifa are just such an organization, piggybacking off of the anger and vitriol of the mainstream media in order to continue spreading their hate-filled message.  Make no mistake about it, Antifa are in no way an “anti-fascist” clique, ascribing to the idea that every American should conform to their ideologies…not think for themselves.  All Antifa did was pick out a buzzword from the 1930’s to tie to their “resistance” in order to inflate their own importance.

Now, after years of disrupting conservative speakers, instigating riots, and threatening the conservative American majority, Antifa is turning their sights on ICE and their agents, releasing the personal information of a number of current agents.

The Twitter account “nebraska antifa” sent out a tweet to its followers on Tuesday that linked to the personal information of ICE officers compiled from information found on LinkedIn.

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“Some enterprising hero archived the ICE employees listed on linkedin,” the tweetreads.

A Twitter user who goes by Sam Lavigne compiled the list of ICE agents’ identities, titles and locations. In a tweet on Tuesday morning he says he “scraped LinkedIn for people that work for ICE.”

The Medium link in Lavigne’s was no longer available as of Tuesday night.

While the original post of ICE personal information has been removed, the Antifa Twitter account linked to an archived post, where viewers can access the Lavigne’s original database.

This sort of behavior has been condemned by a number of international organizations.

The Medium post spread to r/ChapoTrapHouse on Reddit, a subgroup for a podcast made up of far-left activists who encourage doxxing those who they deem Nazis and alt-right. Some users appear to consider ICE and National Security Agency employees Nazis.

One reddit user said “Dox more Nazis” on the thread.

Doxxing is spreading individuals’ personal information such as where they work, their names, addresses, or contact information.

“Doxxing ICE agents is good and moral,” another user wrote on the Reddit post.

This is not only an incredible invasion of privacy for these agents and their families, but opens up the enforcement officers to harassment, threats, or worse.

Given that Antifa has made a name for themselves by bringing violence back into the political forefront of America, there is no doubt that this maneuver was intended to create a sense of danger for these law enforcement officers.  Anyone who would tell you otherwise is hiding behind some false sense of virtue.


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