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Antifa, SJWs and the Culture Wars: it’ll Get Worse Before it Gets Better

For those that are puzzled or surprised by the outrageous response of SJWs and Antifa to those who don’t agree with them, it can be summed up primarily from their cultural ancestors having undermined and permeated every institution in the U.S. for a long time, and after having done so, only being able to manipulate or convince about half the nation of their viewpoint and political goals.

Whether it’s government, education, entertainment, or even the churches, they have stealthily became part of them, and when gaining a foothold, started adding friends of similar beliefs, and over time, gained control of the levers of power, and ultimately, to teach our children and grandchildren their way of life and belief system.

This is why even now, if there are victories against our ideological enemies on different fronts there is a sense of uncertainty and confusion because it takes time to extract the progressive poison from the people or institutions that have been held under their sway.

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As for the violent response of SJWs and Antifa, it comes from the frustration accompanying being unable to fully root into the lives of people and get them to embrace and accept their purpose, which is ultimately to excise the influence of Christianity and its foundational impact on Western civilization out of the world.

Not only that, but more importantly, it sees a growing resistance to its failed platform, and the turnaround and push back infuriates them after having held the upper hand for so long, especially as it has filtered into both political parties in the U.S.

For that reason, as they see their ambitions and dreams start to turn into failure and nightmares, they will become more and more violent – both verbally and physically, as they attempt to intimidate people into submission to them.

It’s also why we’re seeing increasingly ridiculous and insane ideas come from them, including bizarre things like gender fluidity, brainwashing young children to believe they’re not a boy or girl, or an adult man identifying as a young child, or a woman as a cat, among many other practices reflecting broken and diseased lives.

I totally believe it’s a last ditch effort to salvage the world they tried to create, as it starts to crumble around them. This doesn’t mean the battle will start to get easier, because it won’t. It’ll without a doubt intensify in the years ahead, as we continue to make gains and inroads into the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people and Western nations.

The good news of the presidential victory of President Trump is it’s the trigger we needed to have in order to draw out the concealed and hidden darkness festering on the inside of these people, and which is now manifest for everyone to see. This is more valuable than most people understand at this time.

It will continue to seep out of their dark hearts as the internal pressure mounts and mounts from our consistent and external response to their delusional and meandering thoughts and ideas that have no basis is reality. That’s why they’ll continue to double down with their responses, as they are trying to retain a semblance of truth even as its increasingly obvious they’ve broken and removed themselves from it.

What will change, and has already started to change, is our response to this evil. In the past our side has tried to fight them based upon assumed good will, integrity and desire for the truth. It is clear now they are not men or women of good will, and have no interest in examining ideas for the purpose of discovering what is true or what isn’t.

The brutish legal, verbal and physical histrionics associated with the unfolding reality that people are starting to understand their deception and lies, and are starting to mount up a meaningful resistance that increasingly has the element of victory at all costs. People comprehend the alternative is no longer acceptable. Our enemies have never had to face that before, and it infuriates, frustrates, and is starting to strike fear in them. Good! It’s far past time after what they’ve done to this country and the world.

The key now is to maintain pressure on them and continue to engage them in battle in any way we are able to. To effectively do that we need to build our own platforms so they can’t silence or control our conversations and communications with others. This is starting to happen, but we need to do a lot more to make it work over the long haul.

Most important, we must take a look at ourselves and what level of mixture we may have with the worldview we’ve been subjected to for so long. There’s a reason we see homosexual “Pastors,” transsexuals invited to schools without resistance, and many other things we need to totally oppose and reject. We must get rid of the mixture and lies concerning “love” that we are expected to all have for our enemies, where many are fooled and manipulated into capitulating because of the belief they’re not behaving or speaking from a right heart or tone.

Love as defined by God in the Bible is based upon treating people in line with the laws and commands He has given us. Love being the fulfilling of the law doesn’t have anything to do with how we feel toward people, it has to do with walking in obedience to God as it relates to other human beings. How you feel about them isn’t the point, how we treat others in line with God’s laws is what matters.

Many have been taken off guard by their boldness after they believed they had won the support of the majority of Americans. That’s why the victory by Trump was so important. It literally destroyed their confidence and false assessment of their influence, and they realize they’re now in the battle of their lives.

We have many battles to be fought and won, knives and swords to sharpen, and shields that will be shattered. In the end there is no doubt we will end up victorious. It’s the beginning of their end. We must be sure we cleanse their influence from us so we don’t end up with a victory that gives an open door for our enemies to once again take a foothold and gain entry into our culture to eat away at it like a cancer and kill it.

I’m not interested in anything but their complete and unconditional surrender. The stakes are too high to accept anything less.

Gary Bourgeault

Gary has launched, acquired or managed a number of businesses over the years, as well as, for a period of time, being a financial advisor. Since 2005 he's been writing for a living, focusing on investing, economics, business, and writing books in his spare time. Most important, he's looking at ways to provide alternatives for Christians, conservatives, and others on the right to have platforms that can give a voice to those that are being censored. His latest effort is to provide a vision and practical steps to spread Christian civilization around the world. One part of that is a new website called newcreationcivilization.com.

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