Antifa Runs Out of Conservatives to Attack, Turns to Despicable New Targets

The increasingly violent radical wing of the American political left has turned into an unethical and farcical caricature of itself in recent months.

The election of 2016 and the ensuing media whitewashing of Hillary Clinton’s criminal history have emboldened the menagerie of miscreants to no end, allowing for a rapid mutation from snowflake crybabies to hardened domestic terrorists in the blink of an eye.

Known as “Antifa”, an oxymoronic moniker that does nothing to address the group’s rampant neo-fascism, these black-clad criminals were poised to violently confront a White Nationalist rally in Portland, Oregon over the weekend.  Given the recent violent clashes between Antifa and anyone that they come in contact with, the original group wisely moved their demonstration to Vancouver in order to avoid a conflict.

That, of course, didn’t stop Antifa from showing up in Portland, seeing as these cretinous criminals all likely RSVP’d on Facebook for the event.  After all, much of the liberal “resistance” has been energized around the idea of gaining “cool points” on social media for attending such events.

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In Portland, given the lack of “enemies” for Antifa to confront, the group was unable to engage in their signature violence.  Always willing to improvise, the group soon turned their angst against the police, who were, ironically, there to keep Antifa members from being attacked by an imaginary army of White Nationalists who happened to be in Vancouver.

“Seven members of Antifa were arrested at a Portland rally yesterday, after ‘anti-fascist’ protesters attacked police, hurling smoke bombs and projectiles at law enforcement who were there to protect the ‘Rally and March Against White Nationalism.’

“Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson had planned to hold a rally in Portland on Sunday, but moved the event to Vacouver, Washington instead, at the last minute, after the group got wind that Antifa was planning violence.

“Antifa held their counter-protest against Joey’s ‘fascism’ anyway, and still got violent — only this time they attacked police and other, more peaceful, demonstrators. Police tried to confiscate as many potentially harmful items as possible before the protests, but Antifa still had plenty of surprises in store for the cops who were there to protect the marchers.”

Portland Police were quick to react on Twitter, shutting down the Antifa nonsense as soon as the violence began.

The group, which has grown slightly sophisticated over the course of their latest surge, employed the use of chemical irritants on the men and women of Portland law enforcement, further solidifying their likeness to ISIS and other radical Islamic terror organizations.



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