ANTIFA ON TV: ‘We Should Kill The President Like They Killed Gaddafi’

It should be fairly obvious that putting a camera in a person’s face will change their behavior to some extent, but more often than not that behavioral change is a distillation and not a diversion.

What I’m trying to say is that when you have only a few seconds of precious exposure to get your point across, you’re not going to start “from the beginning” and push out an entire thesis for why you’re being filmed in the first place.  You’re going to get right to the point.

This is a trick of the mainstream media in which the long-form interaction is virtually extinct, replaced by the soundbite and the catchy slogan.  This plays directly into the hand of the dinosaur media, who need combative and contentious content in order to keep you tuned in long enough to satisfy their advertising overlords.

This is also why long-form interviews, a la podcasting, has been so popular among young Americans.  We are no longer looking for CNN’s hyperbole, but, thanks to our newfound ability to do in-depth research on any subject using only our thumbs and our cellphones, we would much rather have a thorough understanding of an issue.

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Joe Rogan has ridden this wave to wealth, while CNN and others wallow in their own despair.

So, predictably, when a young person who identifies as a member of Antifa has a camera shoved in their face, you can bet that they are going to get right to the point.

Sunday afternoon, on the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots, progressives, anarchists, black bloc thugs gathered together as so-called “Antifa” again to counter-protest a gathering of white supremacists in Washington, D.C. The leftist protesters far outnumbered the white supremacists, and masked members of the violent Antifa group could be seen everywhere.

And when one Daily Caller reporter asked around about the President, the answers that he received were terrible.

I decided to ask the protesters what they would do were they to meet president Trump. Specifically, I asked “If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?” The answers I received stunned me. In my short time at the rally, approximately one hour, half a dozen protesters looked into my camera and threatened to physically harm or “murder the president.”

Some said they wanted to “do him like Gaddafi” in reference to the Libyan leader that was dragged into the street, beaten and murdered by his own people.

Classy folks over there in Antifa, huh?

Presumably, this is precisely the sort of anger and vitriol that makes money for the goons of the mainstream media.  I can almost hear Chris Cuomo or Rachel Maddow teasing this before a big commercial break…something that the free press of the internet isn’t doing.

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