ANTIFA Imbecile Admits to Provoking Charlottesville Driver to Hit Gas!

The Battle of Charlottesville remains one of the darker American experiences in recent memory, and new information could potentially reopen that national wound.

The city of Charlottesville, Virginia had long been contemplating the removal of a Civil War monument in the town square, at the behest of the radical left, who have spent the better part of the last decade attempting to erase any and all history of the War of Northern Aggression from our culture.

As with any high profile case of liberal historical revision, there was quite a pushback to the idea of removing the statue, which had stood to honor American men who fought and died fighting during this horrific conflict.  Those who opposed its dismantling where from all walks of life, including from some of the more vitriolic and hate-filled corners of rural America, and these elements descended upon Charlottesville to show their support for the history of the beautiful city.

These less-than-savory characters were met, however, by hate-mongers as well in the form of Antifa and the radical left, who had descended upon Charlottesville in a rage, hoping to release their pent up election aggression on the crowds gathered to debate the statue’s removal.

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When the two clashed, catastrophe ensued, and at the end of the day, three Americans were dead:  Two police officers who were killed in a helicopter crash while covering the fracas, and Heather Heyer.  Heyer was a young American woman who was struck by a vehicle and died from her injuries on the ground in Charlottesville.

Now, new information has become available in the lead up to Heyer’s tragic demise, and all fingers point back to Antifa and their intimidation tactics.

“An Antifa leader admitted on social media to chasing down the Charlottesville driver with a rifle, causing him to ram into a group of counterprotesters.

“University of North Carolina anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon is the leader of armed Antifa group Redneck Revolt, who admitted to using armed intimidation to chase James Alex Fields, Jr. into a group of fellow counterprotesters which resulted in one death and dozens injured last August.

“’I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism,’ Dixon posted on Facebook.”

Dixon, in earlier statements to the media, was oozing with the false machismo of a guerrilla soldier, even mentioning that he believed that he was “leaving a battlefield”.

“’They’re not just speaking – they’re marching. They’re marching in a way that’s intimidating, as we all know is harking back to the torch light rallies of the Nazi era.’

“’When the left uses violence, in the rare cases that it happens, it’s resistance,’ Dixon said.”

This admission by yet another radical leftist professor connected to Antifa violence further illustrates the concept that these left wing Fascists must be held accountable for their crimes against America.

Only when these men are made an example of will we have peace on our nation.  Incarceration is likely the only way to quell this insurgence, and the grandiose military fantasies of these radical leftists.

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