Antifa Embarrassed: “Revolution” Fails to Draw Crowds ANYWHERE

If you have been paying attention to the press releases and full page ads of Antifa, first of all, we feel sorry for you.

Secondly, however, you would have been inclined to believe that the United States was set for some grand awakening weekend with mass civil disobedience, violence, and a “revolution” meant to depose President Donald Trump.  The folks at Antifa, the oxymoronically named neo-Fascist gang responsible for sustained attacks on the First Amendment, were hellbent on November 4th being a day of reckoning for their enemies:  The American conservative.

Instead, we were treated to a fine menu of “nothing burgers”, courtesy of an embarrassingly low turnout and real lack of “pizazz” among the radical left’s most vocal group.

“Refuse Fascism, the group behind this weekend’s multi-city Antifa rallies, claims to be ‘organizing millions of people to drive out the fascist Trump / Pence regime.‘ Actual turnout on the first day of their nationwide rallies was far lower.

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“The group, founded by Revolutionary Communist Party chairman Bob Avakian, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to promote the rally, and has enjoyed free press in the national media in the past few days.

“Despite the press attention, turnout was low at many of Refuse Fascism’s rallies, which were scheduled to take place in 20 U.S. cities. The exception appears to have been L.A, where local news reported that close to 2,000 protesters gathered.

“There were no reports of violent incidents, although a woman accused of deliberately splashing her drink on a Trump supporter was reportedly arrested at the Refuse Fascism march in New York City.”

The deliberating splashing of a drink onto a political rival makes for one incredibly succinct characterization of the weekend warriors of the radical left.

Antifa’s misguided call to arms has failed, again, and likely for reasons far beyond their own understanding.  America is not full of action-seeking millennials ready to exert their power on this world.  Instead, these keyboard warriors are far more comfortable arguing on Facebook and Twitter with their friends’ parents who cite Breitbart than they are heading out into the real world and possibly getting their hands dirty.

Besides, for these social “justice” warriors who are nothing more than social “media” miscreants, it’s hard to take a cute selfie for Tinder with pepper spray in your eyes.


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