Antifa Confronted by Kansas City Police, Ordered to Do What?!

The radical left has been more than just a nuisance in recent months, mutating and focusing on their violent efforts to upend civil society.

One of their main targets has been the freedom of speech, with groups such as the oxymoronically named “Antifa” attempting to use brute force to cancel speaking engagements of conservative authors and exploiting “Black Bloc” intimidation techniques to scatter right wing protests.

The final goal of these anti-patriot peons is to disallow free speech that runs counter to their own left-wing narrative, or, quite literally, they are looking to install a form of neo-fascism within our nation.

One such encounter in Kansas City was escalated by Antifa’s choice to arm themselves…something that Kansas City Police did not take kindly to.

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“Kansas City police ordered armed antifa groups and others to remove ammunition from their weapons and from their possession at a rally Saturday morning in Washington Square Park.

“The armed individuals peacefully complied. Several with the antifa groups said the action violated their rights under state law allowing them to openly carry weapons. They said they planned to fight the order but decided not to take any action at the park.

“’We don’t see any merit to fight it now,’ said one person who removed ammunition from a rifle under order of the police.

“With all the groups, police cited a city ordinance that prohibits possession of a weapon ‘readily capable of lethal force,’ Thompson said. She said ordinance 50-261.(a)(7) allows possession of a weapon but not along with the ammunition it uses.

“’The gun and the bullet cannot be together,’ Thompson said.

“She added during a text exchange with The Star that the ordinance ‘prohibits open carry anywhere’ in the city unless the individual also carries a concealed-carry permit.

“’And today, a warning was given to all,’ Thompson said in a text.”

Antifa’s continued prodding toward to New Civil War has become of grave concern to many level-headed Americans who have been witnessing their escalation of violence in that past few weeks.
While much of the radical left consists of social media obsessed brats who are simply attempting to gain credibility with their peers by involving themselves in these political maneuvers, there is an element of pure chaos deep at the heart of fringe groups such as Antifa.  The group has found itself the center of debate in many American locales where residents and politicians are urging authorities to label the organization as a domestic terror group – a suggestion that has been heeded in at least one state.

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