ANTIFA COAST TO COAST: Is Your City on This Weekend’s Hit List?

The radical left is out for blood this weekend, with massive demonstrations planned for a multitude of U.S. locales in which Antifa and others plan to begin their “revolution”.

Anytime before 2016, you could sound the alarm about a radical leftist gathering and be greeted with the sounds of crickets and yawns.  The typical leftist, at least at that time, was quite likely teetering on the precipice of invertebrate status, meekly tweeting out their disdain for whichever target their favorite postmodern author instructed them to.  Fluorescent bulb tans and all, these denizens of the online democratic havens of Facebook and Reddit found themselves enraged when Hillary Clinton was roundly rejected by American voters in 2016.

It didn’t hurt that this particular political group was already displaying a powerful disdain for Donald Trump, who they somehow believed was a supreme racist and a new Adolf Hitler, (a tired political insult even in the 20th century).

Now, the left has become fully radicalized.  Not only are their gatherings purposefully chaotic and in opposition to the all-important First Amendment, but they have soldiers such as James T. Hodgkinson literally attempting to kill republicans in our nation’s capital.  Make no mistake about it, the radical left and Antifa are not here to change your minds; they are here to blow your brains out.

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This weekend begins their revolution in earnest, according to a full page advertisement taken out in the New York Times just days ago.

Demonstrations are planned for more than 20 cities across the nation.

“A new anti-fascist group plans a rally Saturday in downtown Portland – part of series scheduled in cities across the country – but the demonstrations have whipped up a heap of warnings by right-wing groups on social media that the gatherings will signal a ‘civil war.’

“Robert Brown, lead organizer for the Portland event, dismissed the claims of planned violence as ‘nonsense’ and a ‘hoax’ intended to scare people from participating in the march. A national spokesman for the group sponsoring the protests, Refuse Fascism, also denounced claims of any attacks during any of the demonstrations.

“Since August, Facebook groups, YouTube videos and posts on other social media platforms – including use of the tag #CivilWar2017 – have warned that anti-fascists will cause a violent uprising Nov. 4 against supporters of the Trump administration.

“The claims have ranged from the staging of ‘mass riots’ to plans to ‘kill every single Trump voter, Conservative and gun owner.'”

Once again, the left is engaging in legitimate Fascism while hilariously marching under the “Antifa” name.

This weekend’s activities will likely determine the future of the radical left’s plans for a New Civil War.  Should these demonstrations fizzle out and fade away as so many have before them, there could be little hope left for any ongoing “resistance” to the President.  If bloodshed does occur, God forbid, then Americans will need to look deeply inward in order to heal and move on.

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