ANTIFA: Carry A US Flag, Get Beaten With A Baseball Bat

We The People have allowed the liberal left to achieve something inexcusable, and it’s long past time to take back our national identity.

You see, we stand today as a nation divided thanks to the tribalism and partisan hackery inherent with the democrats.  This tearing of the national fabric began as a vote-gathering tactic in which the left would split up their demographics into tiny, workable pieces, galvanizing these fringes into the democratic ideologies.

The left didn’t know when to stop, however. They continued to divide the nation long after the votes were counted and it was time to get back to work on this grand land of ours.  The left chose, instead, to maintain a concerted effort to thwart the President of the nation they are living in.

On the far left is Antifa; the Black Bloc cretins hellbent on rewriting the First Amendment and violently opposing those who support President Trump.  If you had any inkling that their mission is one of restoring the nation to its former glory, think again;

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Antifa has now declared war on America.

Progressive Bernie Sanders supporter Paul Welch showed up at a Portland, Oregon, rally on Aug. 4 to demonstrate his liberal political leanings — but he left with a busted head after Antifa protesters attacked him. It was all because he dared to carry an American flag, the Oregonian revealed Monday.

Patriot Prayer held the rally in downtown Portland on Aug. 4. Welch, a 38-year-old line cook, joined a group of progressives who were marching to protest the rally.

Welch carried an American flag as he marched — but during the demonstration, members of Antifa reportedly approached him told him to give them the flag, claiming that it is “a fascist symbol,” he told the Oregonian.

He was adamantly not a supporter of the conservative activists or their movement, he told the paper, he but took an object to the back of his head anyway and ended up lying on the ground as blood ran from his scalp.

The bleeding edge of the liberal takeover is now literally covered in blood.  Is this the “New Civil War” that we’ve been warned about by the mainstream media?  If so, we may only pray now that freedom prevails.

Indvisable, with liberty and justice for all.

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