Antifa Attacks Journalists; Journalists Then Shamed for Reporting On It

My goodness…What a mess the radical left has made of reality this week, particularly when it comes to Antifa and their quest to literally kill the President.

Antifa, or the “anti-fascist” wing of the militant, radical left has long been attempting to convince us that they are freedom fighters of some sort, even though they themselves are openly advocating against the First Amendment, and promoting the same sort of authoritarian culture control that allowed Adolf Hitler to rise to power in the 1930’s.

Now, they have even somehow convinced the mainstream media that reporting truthfully on their actions is somehow wrong, even when those actions were vile, reprehensible, and downright fascist in their own regard.

HuffPost’s “hate and extremism” reporter Christopher Mathias took to Twitter to attack news outlet Vox for covering Antifa violence against journalists and police officers over the weekend.

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Responding to the article titled, “Antifa clashes with police and journalists in Charlottesville and DC,” Mathias replied, “This is a bad article & is a good example of how not to cover white supremacy.”

Apparently, according to Mathias, facts aren’t the most important part of journalism.  Instead, he suggests picking a side and only reporting on the positive imagery of that particular side.  His deflection regarding white supremacy would be hilarious if it weren’t so terrifying.

Mathias is quite literally telling the world to ignore the evil deeds of one group in order to focus on the evil deeds of others.

Here’s a newsflash:  White supremacists are bad people.  Always have been, always will be, and you’re not really going to find a lot of opposition to that opinion unless you really go looking for it.

Antifa, however, has been categorically imagined as a bunch of precocious youths who are mad at Donald Trump for not being Hillary Clinton when, in fact, they are openly advocating for the end of American free speech and for the murder of the President.

George Orwell hit the nail on the head with this timeless line:  “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

Welcome to 1984, folks.

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