The Antichrist Will Thank Hillary and the UN for Paving His Way

The antichrist will establish a one world government.

Hillary’s policies make that happen quicker. My father’s got a doctorate in theology. He knows scripture better than anyone I know. Having the United States give up authority of the internet to an international body did not surprise him. The antichrist will control tracking everyone. Why should we be surprised that the United States has given up that control? We look at Obama’s and Hillary’s policies. These policies from control of the internet, universal healthcare to open borders; it paves the way for a one world government.

The antichrist will use open borders to bring about his one world government.

We always assume the number one reason for open borders for democrats is voter fraud. It’s much bigger then that. The United Nations latest development promotes a one world government with their open borders policies. 

By now most Americans who follow world events are familiar with the U.N’s plan for global governance as envisioned by its “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” approved by some 190 world leaders including President Obama and Pope Francis in September 2015.

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This agenda includes 17 goals aimed at ending hunger, wiping out poverty and stamping out global income inequality by “transforming our world” through sweeping changes ostensibly aimed at freeing cross-border “labor mobility,” among other things.

Hillary Clinton, anointed by Obama as his successor, said in a speech to Wall Street bankers she envisions the U.S. as part of a single “hemispheric common market with free trade and open borders,” according to WikiLeaks data dumps.

Open borders will simply make it much easier for the antichrist to rule.

Stupid Christian leaders who support amnesty help the antichrist.

Christian leaders have to be the dumbest of all. Everyone is afraid to call them out. It’s time we do. Max Lucado, Russel Moore and countless others pimp for the GOP establishment with open borders. While they cry compassion, they are clueless of the endgame. The endgame from the UN and Hillary Clinton is one world government. Christians have blindly followed these Christian leaders for years without questioning anything. Next time one of these Christian leaders cry Amnesty, ask them why they are for supporting the antichrist. The one world government is coming. If Hillary is elected president, that one world government is coming sooner then you think.

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