Anti-Trump Tirade Has MSNBC Guest Dismissing A “Girl In Iowa”

In perhaps one of the most disgusting and vile pieces of recent punditry, a guest on MSNBC has uttered an inexcusable insult to the family of a deceased young woman.

Yesterday was what we would call a “heavy” news day.  Not one, or two, but three incredibly enormous stories developed over the course of the afternoon, converging in a primetime feeding frenzy for the mainstream media.

A majority of this coverage was focused, as it usually is, on Donald Trump.  Yesterday, this coverage included an inordinate amount of time being spent explaining 13 year old financial crimes that Paul Manafort committed, and listening to Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti smugly drop soundbite after soundbite in an effort to advance his public fame.

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But there was another enormously important story that was buried by all of this going-nowhere hoopla:  The grisly discovery of Mollie Tibbets’ body and the arrest of her alleged killer, an illegal immigrant.

To one MSNBC guest, however, Mollie Tibbetts doesn’t matter at all.


This is what the blind rage of The Resistance truly is:  An excuse to shed your etiquette and decorum, devolve back into some more basic form of angry human being, and dismiss anything that doesn’t behoove you to speak on.

The left’s incredibly narrow focus in 2018 is handicapping our nation.  We cannot move toward the goals of We The People with this sort of angst and vitriol blinding us.  The left’s rage will be their downfall, and it is up to us to make certain that they don’t take the entire American experiment down with them.

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