Anti-Trump Thugs Ready to Take Violence to New Level, “Handguns Would Help” Says Leader


The leftist anti-Trump crowd has been pushing the limits of American decency for the better part of 6 months in response to the candidacy and election of Donald Trump.

Donning the misleading moniker of “ANTIFA”, standing for anti-fascism, these thugs have already resorted to the lowest of lows, attacking fellow Americans during peaceful demonstrations in which the nation demonstrated their support for the new President.  Fires were set, supporters were bloodied, and it was all in the name of equating Trump with violence through the lens of the mainstream media.

Recently, California has been a hotbed of American dissent.  The ultraliberal state, who has openly considered secession in the wake of Trump’s election, has been forced to bear witness to unfathomable hatred on the part of these so-called “ANTIFA” miscreants who escape their parents’ basements for the sole purpose of disrupting pro-America rallies and gatherings.  With the University of California at Berkeley being forced to cancel appearances by numerous conservative speakers due to the threat of violence, the ANTIFA thugs have attempted to claim victory in the wake of this mass censorship on campus.

Now, after being humiliated in their last campaign against America, leaders of the wayward movement believe that they must ramp up their heinous efforts, with some even calling for the use of firearms in their anti-Trump actions.

One internet post by an ANTIFA terrorist stated the following, regarding their ability to combat Trump supporters:

“’I honestly think It seems that seems to be the biggest problem with our resistance. They’re mostly armed, why aren’t we?’

“‘Not getting disarmed is a big part of the problem, yes, but we need more than flags and bats. We need to take notes from the John Brown Gun Club and get firearms and training.I know getting firearms in states and cities we have a presence in is usually a hassle, but even handguns would help. It would certainly put a psychological element in while holding fash back. Who do you think a fascist is more afraid of? People with only flags and bats, or people with flags, bats, and guns?’”

All of this comes only days after these embarrassingly misguided members of society were caught red handed, selling knives on one of their websites for use in these confrontations.  Only after the decency of the rest of the nation exposed their malicious and unacceptable plot did the group discontinue their sale of blades that were meant to be used on their fellow Americans.

Given the unbelievable vitriol coming from the left, it is high time that these rioters and separatists be treated as a hate group, or more accurately, a domestic terror organization.


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