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Anti-Trump Publishing Stunt Raises Specter of Misusing 25th Amendment

Given the vitriolic and absurd behavior of the radical left and their democratic dimwits, its’ no surprise that the latest release from author Michael Wolff is selling so well.

Wolff, whose book Fire and Fury:  Inside the Trump White House was released this weekhas been absolutely flying off of the shelves this week after damning excerpts were released just days ago.  These made-public passages were, of course, controversial by their very nature, in an obvious attempt to spur on sales of the otherwise torrid tome that will become fantasy fiction material for the misguided millennials of the liberal “resistance”.

These early glimpses into the volume also stirred up a bit of a spat between President Trump and former White House adviser Steve Bannon, who recently left the President’s service to return to his desk at Breitbart news.  While the two originally played up the idea of an amicable split, details from within the book and Trump’s reaction to the revelations contained within, have revealed the truth regarding the tumultuous relationship between the two conservative giants.

Now, with Wolff making an absolute killing off of his well-time publicity stunt, those who have had a look at the book in its entirety have discovered a shocking reality regarding its message – namely that the book seems to push for the removal of Donald Trump from office due to the liberal belief that the President is somehow mentally unfit to serve.

“Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, has encouraged an effort by Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans to have President Donald Trump removed from office under the 25th Amendment for what they claim is mental incapacity.

“The accuracy of the book has been disputed, not only by the White House but also by journalists who cover the president. (Wolff himself calls ‘looseness with the truth’ an ‘elemental thread of the book.’)

“Still, Wolff himself is increasingly explicit, in promoting Fire and Fury, in his insistence that the book shows the president should not be in office.

“On Friday morning, Wolff told NBC’s Today that Trump’s legal effort to block publication of the book was not only helping drive sales, but ‘helping me prove the point of the book.’ That point was that President Trump ‘cannot do this job.’”

Of course, this disturbing claim has been made before, often, by the radical left who continue to believe that, even after a year in office, Trump will somehow be removed to make way for a more traditional President.

Spoiler alert:  Not gonna happen.

Meanwhile, Wolff’s self-described work of fiction is skyrocketing into the stratosphere of the best seller list, with lunatic liberals foaming at the mouth to attack the President – a quite concerning proposition given that the left have been at the forefront of the neo-Fascist movement over the course of the last year.  Their organization and the violence that it entails have been instrumental in brining our nation to the brink of chaos and civil war, and Wolff’s litany of “loose” truths could send these savages over the edge.

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