Anti-Trump Protesters Offensive to Many Women

Tens of thousands of liberal women protesters took to the streets over the weekend in protest of President Donald Trump (although if you take all the women in America subtract the number of women who protested, then I believe you will find that the number women who did NOT protest would be considerably more than those who did). Some were protesting his sexist remarks made during the campaign and others were protesting Trump’s pro-life stand and reports that the Republican controlled Congress will take measures to defund Planned Parenthood. Many also carried signs that said ‘Trump loves hate’.

One of the things that they all hold in common was their support of Hillary Clinton and their claim that Trump is not their President. I know that feeling as I have felt the same way over the past 8 years under Barack Obama. I never felt he was my President.

On one of the news broadcasts I watched, one woman protester held up a sign that was made to look like a Bible verse. It read:

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“Thou shalt leave my vagina alone. 1 Fallopian 1:22”

The first thought that came to mind is that this is blasphemy against the Bible and against God. This is the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches. Biblically, life begins at conception and anyone that caused a baby in the womb to die or be expelled early and dies is guilty of murder and is punishable with death. (Ex. 21:22-23; Luke 1:41)

I still don’t understand why US taxpayers are forced to subsidize a for-profit company on a yearly basis. Why are we taxpayers seeing hundreds of millions of tax dollars supporting any private company on a yearly basis? I’m sure if Planned Parenthood did not murder unborn babies that they would not be getting federal funding. The only reason liberal lawmakers began funding Planned Parenthood is solely based on them being an abortion provider.

Secondly, most of these women protesting against Trump and calling him a sexist supported Hillary Clinton. That is also hypocritical. Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton has a long track record of sexual affairs and harassment of women. Where were these women protesters when Bill Clinton was president? Where were these women protesters when the Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinski sexual affair came to light and even took place in the Oval Office? Where were all of these women protesters when the Bill Clinton – Linda Tripp affair became public?

Hillary Clinton continuously stood in support of her husband, who helped campaigned for her. If so many women are upset with Trump’s comments about women, how in the world could they possibly support either Clinton, one of whom committed far worse than what Trump just spoke of?

If the women protesters are honest, what Trump said about women has little or nothing to do with their protesting. Rather, their liberal ideologies in general have everything to do with their protests. They are protesting someone who is standing for many of the values that made America the great nation we once were. They don’t want to see their liberal, sinful, hedonistic and self-centered lifestyles hindered or stopped. They don’t want to be accountable to anyone other than themselves.

As a woman, I am deeply offended by the hypocritical and deceiving actions of these women protesters. They claim to represent all women, but they don’t represent me or any of the women that I know. I completely disagree with them and blind biases. Hillary Clinton would have been more of a danger to America than Donald Trump. My body is not my own. Biblically, my body belongs to my husband as his body belongs to me and we both belong to Jesus Christ. Life begins at conception as no person has a right to murder an unborn child who has every right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just as we all do. If they don’t want to have a baby, then they should refrain from having sex or use precautions to prevent getting pregnant but nothing gives any woman the right to murder the life growing in her womb.

I wish these women protesters would shut up, go home and accept that fact that Donald Trump is the President of the United States just as I had to accept the same thing with Barack Obama.

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