Anti-Trump Hysteria Reaches Absurd New Level in College Football

The entire existence of this supposed “resistance” to the President of the United States is an affront to American patriots everywhere.

This is the nation where any and all can succeed, whether they be democrat, republican, politician or businessman.  By exploiting the inherent greatness of our people, we can all rise above and beyond our wildest expectations.

Besides, we’re the fun country.  Our founding documents explicitly state the we will always have the right to pursue happiness.  If that doesn’t sound like an invitation to grab a cold one and go after your dreams, then I don’t know what does.

But, when it comes to our nation’s President achieving his goals, it seems that this fundamental piece of America doesn’t apply.  Instead, the over saturation of anger, vitriol, hate, and violence that has been aimed at our Commander in Chief has endangered a great many American likes already.  (The GOP baseball team, for example).  This widespread refusal to respect the office of the President is something our country hasn’t faced in some time, and there has been no way to truly contain it.

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Now, the hysteria has reached NCAA college football.

“Nearly the entire population of Madison, Wisconsin, stood in support of the Wisconsin Badgers before they left to take on the Miami Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl.

“I stress that-nearly-the entire population did that, because one section of the UW campus most assuredly did not.

“Just before the Badgers and Hurricanes clashed on Saturday, a campus group called the Student Coalition for Progress, released a statement ripping the Badgers for choosing to stay at the Trump National Doral, in Miami.

“The statement read:

“’It is absolutely disgusting that the very same people of color who contributed to lead their teams to a bowl game are being rewarded with a stay in accommodations owned by a man who is one of the biggest oppressors of people of color in this country.’

“The group further argued that the school’s decision to seek accommodations at the Trump hotel, amounted to a ‘a massive violation of the emoluments clause.’ As a result, the student organization asked the Orange Bowl and Wisconsin’s alumni association to provide a ‘detailed explanation’ as to why that particular hotel was chosen.”

Not only does this maddening display of hatred say to the world that Madison’s residents have no wish for the President to succeed, they also believe that Trump the businessman should fail.

That sentiment almost stings a bit more.  The President is a man who should be held accountable to an unfathomable degree, yet, disparaging an American success story such as the Trump brand is a truly sickening thought as well.

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