Anti-Trump Fascists Still Have License to Attack

Hiding their identity to assault Americans because of whom they voted for, anti-Trump fascists are cowardly Stormtroopers.

Here’s how anti-Trump fascists hide behind masks and act like Brown Shirts:

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This attack took place, according to Heat Street, at a college campus to “protest” a speaker.

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A protest outside of a Milo Yiannopoulos event this past Friday at the University of Washington in Seattle turned violent after a scuffle erupted between anti-Trump protesters and prospective event attendees in the Red Square area of the campus. The protest ended in gunfire.

A previous event at UC Davis with Yiannopoulos, the alt-right provocateur, and Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli was canceled last week amid a storm of protest and warnings by campus police that it could turn violent.

Anti-Milo protesters from various groups—including student activists, anarchists and Antifa (self-styled anti-fascists)—were on site before the start of the event and formed a human wall in front of the police barricade. Many wore masks and covered their faces with hoodies and bandanas. Police were forced to push them away from the barricade while prospective event attendees made their way in.

I’m seeing conflicting accounts of who was shot and why, so I won’t comment on that part of the story. But notice that, in the case of the other violence, the self-styled “anti-fascists” are the true anti-Trump fascists. They hide their identity to commit assaults and vandalism. According to an eyewitness in the video below, they even threw bricks at people.

The mainstream media covers for the anti-Trump fascists by doing their best to malign the targets as racists. Thus, Breitbart reports,

On Saturday, LA Times reporter Rick Anderson falsely branded Breitbart editor MILO a “white nationalist” in an article covering last night’s shooting incident at the University of Washington. Today, the newspaper issued a correction, removing the reference which referred to MILO as a “white nationalist.”

“This article has been corrected to delete a reference to Yiannopoulos as a white nationalist, and to more completely describe the Twitter campaign that resulted in his removal from the social media site,” a correction section on the side of the article now states.

Anderson’s original article, prior to its amendment, stated: “A white nationalist, Yiannopoulos was banned by Twitter last January after he sent a series of racist tweets about “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones. He uses a derogatory term for gays in the title of his speaking tour, and his speeches intentionally push the envelope.”

Leftist violence against Trump supporters is nothing new; we saw plenty of it during the campaign, most of it blithely excused by liberal politicians and the media. Amazingly, Donald Trump was even blamed for the violence against his supporters.

The anti-Trump fascists are obviously being encouraged in their behavior, and will only grow bolder unless society starts actively discouraging violence. How long will it be until someone is killed for having the “wrong” political opinions?

When we have our first fatality, will the media cover it? Or will the mainstream media continue to justify the anti-Trump fascists?

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