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Anti-Trump Eco-Terrorists Take to Golf Course with Chainsaws in Brooklyn

The so-called “resistance” to President Donald Trump has had several despicable iterations already in the Commander in Chief’s young first term, and this latest spat of ugly protest is hypocritical at best.

There have been, of course, the violent marches and “black bloc” tactics of the militant leftist army, that have done millions of dollars in damages to locales all across our great nation.  Fires blazing in the streets, tear gas raining down from riot police pushed to the limits of their restraint, and simple assault and battery have been prevalent tactics employed by the burgeoning New Fascism movement who aim to silence every one of their political rivals.

Trump-themed vandalism has been another maneuver drawing attention to the violent liberals, and their latest attack on Trump property has many on the right, and the left, scratching their heads.

“In the latest incident of vandalism targeting Trump-related property, two trespassers climbed an 8-foot fence around Trump Links golf course in New York City’s Bronx borough earlier this week, using a chainsaw to take down four 20- to 30-foot trees.

“Staff interrupted the vandals, who fled on foot Tuesday morning, leaving their chainsaw behind. Police say they believe it was two men, who could face felony criminal mischief charges if identified and captured.

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“This is reportedly the second time vandals have targeted the trees at the Bronx golf course; a Trump Links manager told the New York Post that ‘it’s the same situation as in February.’

“Vandals took a chainsaw to at least four trees at a Trump golf course in the Bronx.

“Though Trump’s company manages the eponymous golf course, Trump Links at Ferry Point is actually a taxpayer-funded endeavor.”

Not only did these dimwitted, discernibly democratic dunces deface property at a taxpayer funded golf course, they did so in a manner that would leave many of their overboard eco-obsessed brethren furious.  Attacked trees as a way to protest against the President makes about as much sense as refusing to plant roses because there are rose gardens at the White House.

No one has ever accused the New Fascists of being the most capable and intelligent group of anti-Trumpers out there, but this baffling action feels more like a drunken fraternity prank gone wrong than a meaningful protest against a controversial Commander in Chief.

It’s simply a case of “hold my beer, I’m going to get political”.


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