Anti-Trump Demonstrations Trivial, But Made Important By The National Media

There is a Hobson’s choice about the so-called spontaneous demonstrations occurring in cities across the country.

Coming less than 24-hours after Donald Trump’s upset victory over Hillary R. Clinton, they seem too organized to be truly spontaneous.

On the one hand, to be charitable, a citizen can assume these crowds represent significant segments of the electorate. If so, they should be allowed to vent their anger and disappointment. After all, they did not expect Mrs. Clinton to lose.

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Or, on the other hand, if the crowds and protests are the work of organized groups seeking to destroy America’s two plus century history of the orderly transfer of Executive Power, the nation needs to take action.

Given their size, besides demonstrating their chagrin, what can these crowds do?

Their only hope is that the bias national media will spread their message.

Apparently, the media is complying with their agenda.

If one accepts the national media’s presentation of these protests, for the first time in the nation’s history, the electoral process is being challenged in the street and not at the ballot box.

Within 24-hours of Donald Trump’s upset victory, these multi-city mobs masquerading as orderly protests are seeking to undo the electoral process.

Claiming to fear a Trump Presidency, they are taking seemingly unorganized protest action. The fact they are occurring simultaneously in six or more cities across the country can’t be a coincidence. There needs to be some organized group coordinating these efforts.

Earlier in the year, the nation saw similar “spontaneity” in protests after police were impelled to kill Black males in Ferguson, MO and Charlotte, NC among other cities. Later, comparison of arrested or identified individuals, reportedly, found common non-resident participants in what became mob incidents.

Publicly advocating against some real or imagined wrong has been a part of America’s history since the Boston Tea Party. It and other such protests shined light on problems and inequities.

What these actions today do is strike at the root of American democracy. What’s more, they are being publicized as bigger efforts than their size warrants. By covering these protests, our national media gives them more weight than they deserve.

According to some national media, the crowds are seeking somehow to change the results. A difficult if not impossible task unless they get out of hand. To prevent this, civic authorities need to rely on police, who have been demonized by these same individuals for their roles as guardians of the law.

Given this scenario, the rest of nation’s citizens must decide what is more important, the crowds’ angst or preserving a two-plus century tradition of orderly transfer of Executive Power.

More importantly, the nation must be alert to the threat of violence in these demonstrations which can have a negative impact on the governmental changeover which will occur in two short months.

Although most pundits deny the possibility, should rioting in the streets get out of hand, some of President Obama’s critics fear he could use the unrest as an excuse to create new executive orders.

The 2016 Presidential campaign produced many surprises, not the least of which was Trump’s victory. What it also demonstrated was the foresight of our Founding Fathers.

While the just completed Presidential campaign resulted in a close vote, the efforts of the Founding Fathers to create a constitutional balancing act seems to have worked once again. The Electoral College was designed to provide protection for smaller states from being overwhelmed by combinations of larger states in the choosing of the President. They combined the idea of a popular vote with proportional representation in the confab. What a great compromise.

Since adoption of the Constitution, this balancing act has worked pretty well. Mrs. Clinton was given huge boosts in votes and victory margins in such heavily populated states as New York, New Jersey, and California. Take away those margins and she would be losing to Trump in the overall vote count.

While today’s America was undreamed by most framers of the constitution, they invented the Electoral College which balances the red and blue states nicely.

Ironically, these latest events also prove the foresight of these white men all of whom believed in a singular God.

During the Constitutional convention, the attendees feared the rule of the mob. It is reported one member quoted Proverbs 23:16: King James Bible “The slothful man saith, There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets.”

In this world where many of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters are fearful of the religious faith of many Americans, perhaps it is important to think of these crowds as lions in the street trying to tear at its fundamental strengths.


Donald Mazzella

Donald P. Mazzella is a Political and Lifestyle Expert, who has been seen on MSNBC, Bloomberg and in WSJ (Wall Street Journal). He is COO of Information Strategies, Inc., a company that helps business managers improve profits. As a reporter, he has covered national and international events. He has held senior-level positions at McGraw-Hill, Thomson, and Essence Communications. Mr. Mazzella holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from NYU and has taught at that university as well as others. He has authored several books including his newest, “An American Family Sampler,” which is making plenty of waves throughout the publication sector.

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