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Anti-POTUS Pontiff Sends Papal Parlance To Bilderberg Powers That Be

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The first world members of the human race have reached a level of functional omnipotence, thanks to the realtime query abilities of the world wide web.

It’s stunning, really.  In a matter of seconds I can instruct my telephone to find any answer I desire on nearly any subject.  I could choose to never lose at Team Trivia ever again, so long as we find a dark corner of the neighborhood pub from which to operate.

But, a little more frightening, is the possibility that the information we seek is not mundane trivia or a bevy of bland factoids.  Sometimes we learn chemistry, demolition, or worse.  This knowledge then becomes pure, kinetic power…and not in any sort of manner imagined by the “knowledge is power” campaigns of yesteryear.

So, what about the knowledge that we can’t have?  Does that even exist anymore?  It surely does, and it is being held by men and women at the highest levels of industry and banking.  The players of the game, so to speak.  The powers that be.

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They meet under many names, according to researchers of all sort, with The Bilderberg Group holding a particularly nasty reputation for evil.  Now, these men of extreme wealth and king-making power have received a very special visitor at their annual meeting in Italy this week:  A messenger from The Pope himself.

The Vatican has sent a top cardinal to the secretive Bilderberg Group meeting in Turin to deliver a message to the global elite from the Pope.

The Bilderberg group is an annual meeting of over 100 of the most powerful people on the planet, including presidents, prime ministers and heads of banking, the corporate world, media and academia. Its clandestine 2018 confab is set to begin today.

This year’s summit will be attended by Pietro Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State.

Given Bilderberg’s kingmaker legacy (the group has welcomed politicians before who have gone on to become heads of state), some are wondering if Parolin’s attendance could indicate he is in line to be the next Pope.

“The cardinal is one of the most powerful Curial officials and has been regarded by Vatican watchers as positioned to succeed Francis,” reports LifeSiteNews.

Pope Francis has made numerous statements and backed several causes that are in line with the worldview shared by globalists at Bilderberg.

Of course, these worrisome globalist ideals exuded by The Pope and the Bilderberg boys fly directly in the face of the populist agenda of Citizen President Donald Trump, who has been actively fighting against just such measures.

The Pope and POTUS have clashed several times in recent months, most famously over the idea of climate change.

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