Anti-Kavanaugh Ne’er-Do-Wells Engage in Inexcusable Act

The “resistance” of the liberal left has become entirely unhinged over the course of the last two years.

This is apparent in their hopes to not only destroy the Second Amendment, but by their unbelievable attempts at subverting our freedom of speech as well.  With new language rules constantly being flaunted in order to make their fellow Americans look insensitive, as well as literal rioting in order to prevent conservative speakers and authors from sharing their views, there is little doubt left that the democratic base is pining for some form of fascism.

Now, in another ugly attempt at derailing the political system, radical leftists upset over the likely confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court have taken to “doxxing” members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in an act of brazen intimidation and public warfare.

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Several Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee had their home addresses and phone numbers released to the public on their Wikipedia pages during Thursday’s hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

The victims included Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Orrin G. Hatch of Utah and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

According to Caleb Hull, editor of the Independent Journal Review, the wife of Mr. Hatch “has been receiving calls nonstop ON HER BIRTHDAY and their home address was made public.”

CongressEdits, a bot account that for four years automatically retweets edits to Wikipedia made anonymously from IP addresses associated with the U.S. Congress, said the information was also posted on Mr. Lee and Mr. Graham “from US House of Representatives.”

The article auto-posted screen shots supporting the edits being made and noting the inclusion of private information, a practice known as “doxxing.”

This sort of informational terrorism not only opens the door for the lunatic leftists of the world to take their grief to the homes and families of those with whom they politically disagree, but it further escalates an already out of control radical base for the democrats, who definitely haven’t been leading by example in the civility department as of late.

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