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Anti-Conservative Discrimination On Menu at NYC College Coffee House

Like a dark cloud billowing over the horizon, Americans have been watching a storm of political bigotry roll into our nation over the course of the last year.

When Donald Trump sauntered into office on the back of America’s conservative uprising in 2016, the left side of American politics did the only thing that they knew to do:  Throw a temper tantrum the likes of which the world has never seen.  Their “resistance” nonsense and anti-Trump everything invaded our culture like Mongol hordes, turning every single American into a polarized version of their own selves.  You were either for Trump or against Trump, period, 100 percent.

Of course, the fact that the newly radicalized left refused to recognize any grey area whatsoever is nothing new, but give the scope of their anger, this movement had a bit more bite than we’re used to experiencing from the usually timid progressive punks.

Now, their anti-Trump bias has transformed into a pure and unadulterated hate for patriotic Americans who exude traditional American values.  They riot in the streets when conservative speakers are scheduled to appear.  They make horrific effigies of the President to destroy.  They openly joke about the assassination of the Commander in Chief.  In a word, it’s deplorable.

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To add fuel to the fire, the left is refusing to confine their anger to the office of the President as well, discriminating against any and all American conservatives in a plethora of situations.  One particularly salty encounter in a college coffee house in the Bronx illustrates the point perfectly.

“Members of the Fordham University College Republicans club were recently asked to leave an on-campus coffee shop because they were wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

“In a video obtained by Campus Reform, an employee at Rodrigue’s Coffee House, which is run by a student club, told the College Republicans they had five minutes to get out because the hats violated the cafe’s ‘safe space policy.’

“’I don’t want people like you supporting this club,’ she says in the video. ‘No one here wants people like you supporting our club. I am giving you five minutes.’

“‘You are wearing hats that completely violate our safe space policy,’ she continues. ‘I’m telling you to take it off or you have to go.’

“On ‘The Story,’ one of the College Republicans who was ordered to leave the cafe, Aaron Spring, spoke out about the incident.

“‘Part of what she was talking about was that we violated the safe space and that we represented Nazism and fascism, and all this just made-up liberal propaganda, really,’ Spring said.”

This is discrimination, pure and simple, and its basis being that of political affiliation is an astoundingly Fascist ideology.

The left has proclaimed many a time that they cannot possibly be Fascist, simply because they’ve said so.  Reality dictates, however, that your actions incur the wrath of such monikers, not your wishful thinking.

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