Another Trump Win? Illegal Immigration Way DOWN under President Trump

For years conservatives have argued that the Obama administration’s weak-kneed posture towards defending our borders was creating havoc on our Southern border and encouraging people to break our laws and enter the country illegally. Now that Donald Trump is president we may actually have PROOF that we were right to be concerned.

There are no new laws governing how we handle illegal immigration, the Trump administration hasn’t added any bricks to the border wall, and they haven’t hired hundreds of new immigration officers but something has changed. How do we know? Because illegal immigration is down. Way down.

From the Washington Examiner:

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The number of people apprehended for illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border dropped sharply in February, which the Department of Homeland Security said is a sign of decreased traffic of illegal immigrants, and a sign that President Trump’s immigration policies are already having an effect.

Apprehensions in February were 18,762, which is lower than any of the totals seen over the last five years, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics released late Wednesday.

Homeland Security Sec. John Kelly said the “unprecedented” drop from 31,578 apprehensions in January reflects a reduced flow of illegal immigrants, and indicates that President Trump’s immigration policies are already helping to reduce that traffic.

While Secretary Kelly is right, i’m not sure it’s the President’s “policies” that have done the trick. The only demonstrable difference between America today and America 8 weeks ago is that we have a new President with a new posture towards illegal immigration and that in and of itself seems to have curbed the massive influx of illegal immigrants on our Southern Border.

In other words, President Obama’s constant double-mindedness on defending our borders and his nebulous stance towards executing our laws led to a rise in illegal immigration because it sent the signal that the United States would not actually uphold its laws on illegal immigration. That coupled with our too-generous welfare state was a dinner bell that the poor and less fortunate in Latin America could not resist. If the United States would give them access to our welfare system and the Obama administration wouldn’t prosecute them for breaking our immigration laws then their simply was no reason not to try to find a home in the USA, even if it was illegal.

However, now there is a “new Sheriff” in town, and it seems that the illegal migrant community has gotten the message and decided that the risk may no longer be worth the reward.

The Obama administration and its allies among immigrant rights groups had long argued that the surge of illegal immigration in recent years, chiefly from Central America, was a result of people fleeing horrific conditions.

Those groups argued that there was little the U.S. could or should do to stem the flow.

But Border Patrol officials, in internal documents, had said the surge was a result of lax enforcement within the U.S. They had predicted that a policy imposing tougher consequences for illegal immigration could stem the flow.

Mr. Kelly said Wednesday that appears to be the case.

“The early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence matters, and that comprehensive immigration enforcement can make an impact,” he said…

Mr. Kelly said the massive changes were the result of Mr. Trump’s policies, which have given agents at the border and in the interior more leeway to arrest and deport illegal immigrants.

Mr. Trump has also promised to hire 5,000 more border agents and to build a wall across the southwest border, though neither of those plans has taken shape.

Instead, would-be immigrants appear to be responding to Mr. Trump’s get-tough rhetoric.

However it’s happening, the results offer yet another real world win for the Trump administration. In hist first month and a half in office President Trump has ensured that fewer abortions would occur, he’s brought more jobs to America, and now he’s even helped to stem the illegal immigration tsunami that was flooding America. While the media is focused on Russia and Twitter… i’d bet most Americans are paying attention to the FACTS, and the fact is, Donald Trump is getting the job done.

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