Another Step toward War for the Sake of Al Qaeda Terrorists

The U.S. has halted contact with Russia because they won’t stop bombing Al Qaeda terrorists.

Attacking Al Qaeda terrorists is such a big deal to the American ruling class, that they have “suspended diplomatic contacts” with Russia over it. According to NBCNews,

In a sharp deterioration of relations, the U.S. on Monday suspended diplomatic contacts with Russia over Syria, while Moscow halted cooperation on a joint program for disposal of weapons-grade plutonium.

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The U.S. move followed a threat last week from Secretary of State John Kerry after new Russian and Syrian attacks on the city of Aleppo. The State Department said Russia had not lived up to the terms of an agreement last month to restore the cease-fire and ensure sustained deliveries of humanitarian aid to besieged cities.

“This is not a decision that was taken lightly,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Russia failed to live up to its own commitments … and was also either unwilling or unable to ensure Syrian regime adherence to the arrangements to which Moscow agreed.”

Yes, they agreed to it and the U.S. agreed to get the so-called “moderate” rebels to separate from the Al Qaeda terrorists like Al Nusra. But many have openly declared they will do no such thing.

So if they’re fighting alongside Al Qaeda terrorists why doesn’t that make them legitimate military targets?

The video below is damning to Clinton, Kerry, Obama, and the rest of the corrupt crew current running our empire. But at 1:30 you will see a reporter ask a state department spokesperson if the U.S. kept their end of the deal. Her reply is yes, they have, not by separating our pet mercenaries from Al Qaeda terrorists but because they’ve engaged in “detailed” talks with them about separating.

So, as far as U.S. corruptocrats are concerned, Syria and Russia should cease all antiterrorist operations because, at some point in the future, these “moderates” will separate from Al Qaeda terrorists. In the meantime, Al Nusra and their “moderate” allies are free to push ahead, take more territory, and chop more heads off.

But I no longer believe that our corrupt oligarchy’s alliance with Sunni Islamic regimes fully explains recent belligerence by the U.S. A war with Russia and Syria has impact on the Homefront, particularly on the election. The Left is already attacking Trump for being pro-Putin. Escalating the tensions is a way of increasing the propaganda value of that line of attack.

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