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Another State Embraces “Constitutional Carry”

America is making the Second Amendment great again!

In recent months years the nation has been growing more and more “gun friendly.” Even as liberals rage against our right to defend ourselves, more Americans are buying (and carrying) a gun and correspondingly crime has been plummeting. In the 80’s and 90’s America went from being very restrictive about the right to own and carry a firearm to remembering what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights say and becoming more permissive.

However, gun right’s activists have won even greater victories more recently as the 2000’s have seen states across the nation pass new laws wiping old gun control statues off the books and reverting to the Constitutional Carry (or permitless carry) status that existed in every state until the 1900s. Only Vermont has had continuous “Constitutional Carry” since our inception as a nation, but today more states are allowing permitless carry than at any point in the last 40+ years.

In 1990, some form of “constitutional carry” obtained in just 0.25 percent of the geographical area of the United States, and for only 0.22 percent of the population. Today, those numbers are 42 percent and 18 percent, respectively. Put another way, in a quarter of a century “constitutional carry” has expanded 168-fold and been applied to 81 times more people (relative to the size of the overall population). These numbers are likely to grow.

This handy map illustrates the shift pretty vividly:



So, yes, the fight for the 2nd Amendment is one that we conservatives have been winning and winning handily. However, we may have more winning on the way.

As recently as the 1990’s many states had very restrictive gun permitting laws, and by 2003 only Vermont allowed Constitutional Carry but today almost every state in the nation (save the liberal Northeast and California) make it easy for citizens to get a gun permit and purchase a firearm. Not only that, there are now 13 states (Montana allows permitless carry in 99.4% of the state) that are considered “Constitutional Carry” with 4 or 5 more states likely to pass similar laws before the year is out.

North Dakota, just became the 13th Constitutional Carry state on Thursday.

Starting in August, North Dakota residents can carry a concealed handgun without a special permit.

Gov. Doug Burgum signed a bill Thursday that allows people to conceal carry as long as they have had a valid North Dakota driver’s license or state ID card for at least a year.

The new law applies to people only within the state. Residents will still not be able to conceal carry outside of North Dakota without the proper permit.

Amazingly, North Dakota may be the first state to adopt Constitutional Carry without any law enforcement groups testifying against the change. State authorities believe that the fact that the law only applies to North Dakota residents and that there is a requirement that those carrying a firearm must inform the police when they come into contact, helped to assuage fears on the issue. Whatever the case, North Dakota’s embrace of the 2nd Amendment means that America just became a little more free, and that’s good for everyone.


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