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Another Sanctuary City Bites The Dust


As the rest of the nation continues to struggle against the liberal ideology of open borders, one town in Michigan has had enough.

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With the Syrian refugee crisis certainly not slowing down anytime soon, given Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s horrific use of chemical weapons on his own people in the spotlight this week, the world at large is working feverishly to determine the best course of action as it pertains to the flood of asylum seekers flowing out of the Middle East.

Nations such as France and Germany have acted as a crystal ball for those who seek a glimpse into the future of a migrant-rich population:  Terror, sexual debauchery, violence, and a massive uptick in crime await any who wish to accommodate these unverified and dangerous individuals.

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While some asylum seekers are certainly on the up-and-up, the process by which these refugees are vetted is simply not adequate.  With terror groups such as ISIS outright admitting to exploiting refugee programs to relocate their Jihadist forces around the globe, it is simply too risky to allow these migrants access to all corners of the globe.

That is precisely the impetus for U.S. President Donald Trump’s twice-stymied temporary travel ban, that would have established a brief moratorium on migrants from terror-rich nations in order for the United States to create and implement an “extreme vetting” process to ensure the intentions of these refugees. Unfortunately, meddling liberal judges who were acting in revenge for Hillary Clinton’s electoral loss in 2016 were there to block both attempts to secure the nation.

This has led to the rise of “sanctuary cities” – places in which the liberal local governments have proclaimed that all immigrants are welcome to come, and be free from the possibility of persecution and prosecution.  These areas not only allow dangerous Middle Eastern migrants a place to stay, but are also offering illegal aliens from south of the border refuge as well.

Given the ridiculous nature of these locales, one city in Michigan has decided to rail against them.

“The city council in Lansing, Mich. voted Wednesday to rescind its decision to deem itself a ‘sanctuary’ city for illegal immigrants after concerns from the businesses that the status would draw unwelcome attention to the city.

“The term ‘sanctuary city’ generally refers to jurisdictions that do not cooperate with U.S. immigration officials. Under Lansing city policy, police don’t ask for people’s immigration status, except as required by U.S. or Michigan law or a court order.

“Council members voted 5-2 to reverse last week’s 6-0 vote to give the city ‘sanctuary’ status. Immigration advocates in the crowd called called council members ‘spineless’ and said ‘you’re all losing your seats.’

“The dispute comes as several cities are battling President Donald Trump’s promised crackdown on places that block cooperation between their police departments and U.S. immigration authorities. The Trump administration has warned that sanctuary cities could lose federal money for refusing to cooperate with immigration authorities.”

The threat of mass immigration to America has evolved in recent years, and many locales have been slow to embrace their new role as harbingers of economic and societal doom.  Kudos to Lansing for standing up to the globalist and liberal agendas in this vote.


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