Another Reason Liberals Should Hate Hillary Clinton

It has long been a thing that has baffled me; why do Liberals not hate Hillary Clinton.  She is a woman that is the very things most Liberals hate.  She is a multi-Millionaire.  She is the kept woman of a “Southern Gentleman.”  She has long protected her husband from prosecution for his many sexual assaults against women.  This is not to mention that Hillary Clinton is an entitled Wall Street mogul who has been caught inside trading.

Now, we see that one of the things that Liberals complain about the most, Hillary is guilty of; Hillary has tried to trade favors to cover up her law-breaking.

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Fox reports

The email at the heart of a “quid pro quo” controversy involving a senior State Department executive and the FBI contained intelligence about suspects in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, two government sources told Fox News.

Heavily redacted FBI interview summaries, known as 302s, state that Patrick Kennedy, a top lieutenant to Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, wanted to deep-six the email – which was one of two on her personal server that kick-started the FBI investigation into the mishandling of classified information on her unsecured system.

The Nov. 18, 2012 email sent to then-Secretary Clinton by aide Jake Sullivan contains the subject line “Fw:FYI – Report of arrests — possible Benghazi connection.”

Once again, we see proof that Clinton and those working directly for her were very aware of her email being un-secure and illegal.  Once again, we see her inferiors seeking to cover up the fact that she was operating criminally.

But, as usual, Washington will not do anything against their own.  This will, like all the other Clinton scandals, be swept under the rug.  The American people will get the candidate they deserve.

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