Another Month, Another Series of Riots in a Democrat-Controlled American City

In these waning days of the era of Obama, it almost seems as though we are getting one major riot every time we turn around. This week it was the wanton destruction in Democrat-controlled Charlotte, North Carolina.

The riots began after the police-involved shooting of 43-year-old African American Keith Lamont Scott. The suspect was shot on September 20 by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Brentley Vinson–who is also an African American. Officers said Scott exited a vehicle while holding a gun, and after ignoring repeated orders to drop the piece, he was shot.

Despite the account offered by police, members of the community, spurred by the domestic terror outfit Black Lives Matter, first took to the streets in protest on the evening of September 20 over what they insisted was the “murder” of Scott. Signs sporting violent phrases such “no justice, no peace” and the like were seen downtown among the protesters. And as is their wont, the “protests” quickly turned into a riot on the first evening.

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But things got far worse the next night. By the night of September 21, the purported protests simply became an excuse for widespread disruption, violence, and property destruction with the carnage being widespread throughout the downtown area.

Tweets from the news media tell a sickening story:

The rioters even destroyed the store for the Charlotte Hornets…

Other video shows rioters looting stores, breaking open a cash register to steal money, and even stealing shoes.

The violence and destruction was so bad that the NFL was considering moving this Sunday’s Carolina Panthers game to another location away from Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium. No decision has yet been made, but the team and the NFL both announced they are monitoring the rioting and will make a determination as Sunday approaches.

But mere property destruction was the least of the crimes committed by the rioters that night.

In one case a rioter attacked a CNN reporter who was at the time live on the air.

But at least in that case the CNN reporter was only knocked to the ground. In a more egregious case rioters actually tried to murder a photographer by dragging his unconscious body into a fire so that he would burn to death.

In another case a white man was severely beaten by a crowd of black rioters. In the sickening video the white man is seen begging for his life.

But even worse, a man in the crowd was murdered shot by another protester.

Police later identified the victim as Justin Carr, 26. Carr was shot by another rioter during the violent night that led to 44 arrests. The shooter has not been identified and is still at large, police said.

Unsurprisingly, before the night was over, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory had issued a state of emergency so that he could deploy the National Guard and the Highway Patrol to aid local police to quell the rioters.

Ultimately, as is the case with all these riots, it appears it was all built on a lie. Of the thing that started all this wanton destruction of their own city–the supposed illicit shooting–it appears that the rioters were somewhat misinformed. As more information about the incident comes out, it becomes more obvious that the police were justified in their actions.

In a press conference on Thursday, Chief of Police Kerr Putney confirmed that police dashcam video proves Scott was hulking around with a gun in his hand, one he refused to drop despite repeated orders from police to do so.

His Statement

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said earlier today that the footage he reviewed does not provide “definitive visual evidence that would confirm that a person is pointing a gun.”

“I did not see that in the videos that I reviewed,” Putney said at a news conference. “So what I can tell you, though, is when taken in the totality of all the other evidence, it supports what we’ve heard and the version of the truth that we gave about the circumstances that happened that led to the death of Mr. Scott.”

Even before the video made by police dashboard cameras is released, though, there was some evidence that Scott did, indeed, have a gun in his hand. A still shot of the man’s fallen body shows a gun lying nearby.

Now, let’s get to my title for this piece. I focused on the fact that Charlotte is a “Democrat-controlled city.”

Of course, it almost seems to be unnecessarily repetitive to say “Democrat-controlled big city.” After all, as nearly every large city descends into chaos, bankruptcy and crime the one common denominator between all of them is that Democrats have a stranglehold on them.

In Charlotte, for instance, out of the 11 current city council members only two are Republican. The other 9 are Democrats and so is the city’s mayor. The last Republican mayor of the city is now the state’s governor, Pat McCrory, who left office in 2009. But only four Republicans have ever held the mayor’s seat in Charlotte since the office was established in 1853.

There is culpability beyond mere Democrat mismanagement, too. Charlotte’s mayor, Democrat Jennifer Roberts, appears to be much to blame for the destruction, mayhem, and deaths in her city. It was reported on Thursday that Roberts had refused the offer of state resources before the riots even began on Wednesday evening.

It appears that as early as 7 a.m. on Wednesday morning Governor McCrory offered Mayor Roberts state law enforcement resources to help her protect Charlotte. Roberts, though, rejected the offer. Ultimately it was a desperate police force that made the plea for state assistance, but only on Thursday after two nights of destructive rioting.

In the end, just as was the case in Baltimore, it appears that the Democrats running Charlotte have a lot to answer for.

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